E-mail Service Options

Email GraphicYour Outlook and other basic computing services are automatically retained/extended when you retire. For more information about this, search the ASU ServiceNow Knowledge Base on "ASURITE After Leaving ASU". NOTE: You will need to be logged in to the ASU website with your ASURITE UserID and password to access ServiceNow.

Given this, there are three basic alternatives for e-mail when you retire, along with reasons that you might choose each:

  1. Continue to use an ASU E-mail Service
    • You can keep the familiar interface, your ASURITE login credentials, the saved e-mail messages, the calendar, some of the public folders, and the contact list that you had while employed. This includes the ASU-maintained contact lists (Outlook/Exchange).
    • There will be no need to change the way your @asu.edu address works.
    • You can use ASU's Help Center for assistance.
  2. Use a free non-ASU e-mail service
    • You may prefer an e-mail service that provides for a non-ASU e-mail address to use when you are conducting personal business, such as making purchases, writing to a legislator, etc.
    • You may feel it would be better not to use ASU/State resources of any magnitude unless you are still actively involved with ASU.
    • Several free services have virtually unlimited storage space available to you, which is not true of ASU e-mail services.
    • Some ideas for choosing a non-ASU e-mail service are available, see "Non-ASU E-mail Service"
  3. Use both an ASU E-mail service and another (free) non-ASU service
    • You get the advantages of both alternatives above. With this approach, you would have more than one e-mail address, and could choose which to use for which purpose. For example, you would not want to use any ASU e-mail address (@asu.edu address) to contact an elected official; or you might want to use one address for correspondence and another for buying on the Internet.
    • For most purposes you can use a single interface for both/several services. If you use a single interface, be aware that you will be limited to the storage space available via that interface -- messages will be stored only by the one service.

If you don't intend to use your ASU e-mail service, you should close your account by calling the Help Center at 855-278-5080. They will verify your identity and then close the account. If you don't do this, people may well continue to send e-mails to you within ASU Outlook/Exchange, and you will not see them.