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Electronic Post Office OverviewWhat is Your ASU Email Address?

ASU provides email addresses to people affiliated with ASU at the beginning of their affiliation. Faculty and staff are typically given two addresses - their and their If Firstname.Lastname is a duplicate, then a variation (e.g., adding middle initial) is used. You have the option of setting up additional addresses, called "aliases". The two addresses originally assigned to you are basically permanent, i.e. you will have those for life and you cannot delete them. You can delete aliases you have created, of course.

How Your ASU Email Address Works

As is illustrated on the right, mail sent to your address passes through to the mail service and account that is specified in the ASU Electronic Post Office (ASU EPO). There is no mailbox or mail service directly associated with your address. The ASU EPO is a forwarding mail service.

Typically, ASU sets up the appropriate mail service address in the EPO for you when you establish an account on ASU Outlook (or ASU Gmail for students). This may make it seem to you that your address IS your ASU Outlook address or your ASU Gmail address. It actually isn't. Those services have "direct" addresses that could be used, bypassing the EPO. If you are using ASU Outlook/Exchange, your direct email address is your ASURITE UserID If your service is ASU Gmail, your direct (not through the ASU EPO) address is your ASURITE UserID You can see these addresses in the Manage Your ASU Email Address interface (see below). It is up to you whether you tell people to send mail to you or to a direct mail service address.

If your primary email service is not from ASU, you can enter the address for that service in the EPO, thus making sure that mail addressed to you gets to that primary service.

Your official addresses are what ASU uses for official email communication. Some ASU services require you to use your official email address for communication.

Why Use Your ASU Email Address?

  • The address retains your identity with ASU. You can be sure that ASU wants you to use an address, because that keeps you connected, and therefore more likely to donate time and resources.
  • Once you have notified everyone to use your ASU email address, you won't ever have to do that again, even if you change the email service you are using. Your ASU address stays constant, and is permanently yours. You need only change your Email Delivery Address at ASU (see "Manage your ASU E-mail Address" below), and that will take care of everything!
  • There is an automatic spam filter applied to mail sent to your ASU address (but don't expect this to remove all of the spam mail you receive!). To learn about ASU's spam filter search the ASU ServiceNow Knowledge Base on "spam filter". NOTE: You will need to be logged in to the ASU website with your ASURITE UserID and password to access ServiceNow.
  • You can use your ASU address with your existing email service.

Manage Your ASU Email Address

You can direct the ASU Electronic Post Office to deliver your mail to one of three places: MS Exchange for ASU (ASU Outlook) (ASU employees, emeritus/emerita faculty and those who retired before 1 July 2019 only), Gmail for ASU, or Non-ASU Email Forwarding.To view or change the destination of your mail visit "Manage your ASU email address". To learn more about managing your ASU e-mail address search the ASU ServiceNow Knowledge Base on "Manage Your ASU Email Address". NOTE: You will need to be logged in to the ASU website with your ASURITE UserID and password to manage your ASU email address or to access ServiceNow.

Following are brief videos demonstrating making the change in the Electronic Post Office and then verifying the change from your email service.

Using ASU EPO Demo 1

Using ASU EPO Demo 1

Using ASU EPO Demo 2

Using ASU EPO Demo 2