Technology Help From ASU

ASU Tech SupportIf you want phone support from ASU, point to Contact ASU and use the phone number prominently displayed at the center top under "Have Questions?". This is a well-staffed service, and it is very responsive. So long as the support you want relates to an ASU technology service that you use,ou do not need to worry that you are taking service away from students and current employees. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For self-help, Live Chat help, or to report problems and service requests, log in to myASU with your ASURITE UserID and password. To reach IT Services, click on "Service" in the main menu at the top of the screen. Using the choices listed under "IT Services" you can:

  • Use "Service Catalog" to search the IT Knowledge Base ("Service Catalog"). There are many useful articles about ASU technology services that you can find using this approach.
  • Get help via Live Chat. As for the phone support service, this is responsive and available around the clock for help with ASU technology services that you use.
  • Use "New Ticket" to request service, report an outage or technical issue with an ASU application, system, website or technology device.
  • Use "My Service Portal" to view status of your open requests -- from the link in the header. 

From the Profile tab of myASU, you can forward mail sent to you to any e-mail address ("ASU Email Forwarding"), change your ASURITE Password, and determine your ASU Employee ID.