The ASURA Reentry Student Scholarship

Our ASURA Reentry Student Scholarship is administered by the ASU Scholarship Office. Our ASURA Scholarship Committee reviews qualified applicants each year and notifies the Scholarship Office of our recommended recipient.

The scholarship was first established in 1995, during the presidency of Diana Regner. Regner said, "We were accumulating a sizable balance in our treasury and our board believed that we should use our money for a good cause. We decided to fund a scholarship, covering in-state tuition and fees for a year, and to award it to an older student who was returning to college after being in the work force." The first scholarship, awarded for the fall semester of 1996, went to Jonathan D. Wayne of Scottsdale.

In March of 1997 the ASURA Board decided to establish a scholarship endowment fund at the ASU Foundation, from which interest earnings would eventually pay for the annual ASURA scholarship awards. The initial contribution made by the Association to the scholarship fund was $11,000. In 1998 the Association contributed another $5,000 to the fund. Since that time the fund has grown more slowly. It is a major goal of ASURA's fund-raising efforts to increase the endowment fund to the point that it will be able to support at least one scholarship per year from investment earnings.

During the fall of 2009, it was discovered that there never had been a formal agreement with the Foundation that would govern the scholarship fund. That deficiency was corrected, and an agreement was signed in Spring of 2010. The agreement has the following guidelines, which are consistent with the intent of the Board at the time of establishing the scholarship fund. A qualified applicant:

  1. Is applying to ASU as a full time undergraduate or has completed no more than one fall or spring semester.
  2. Has been absent from University studies for five years, but may have been attending a community college.
  3. Has not attended High School within the last five years.
  4. Meets ASU criteria for regular admission.

Our scholarship recipient makes a presentation at our Annual Meeting each April, and our members are always very impressed with each student's commitment and accomplishments.

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Francis Maria Romero

Francis Maria Romero
2019-2020 Awardee