Membership & Communications Committee

The Membership & Communications Committee is a collection of five sub-committees: Membership, Prime Times, E-News, Obituaries, and Website & Database. The chair of the Membership sub-committee is the chair of the overarching Membership & Communications Committee. Typically, each of the sub-committees has only one or two members and the subcommittees operate more or less independently of each other. 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee monitors and reports on ASURA membership. The chair works with with the ASURA Board to develop new recruiting and retention approaches,

If you would like to help with membership retention and recruitment please contact the Membership Chair.

Prime Times

Prime Times is ASURA's newsletter, published three times a year. Typically the editor solicits material from the other committee chairs and compiles them into an 8- to 12-page newsletter.  Paper versions of the newsletter are mailed to members who want a paper copy; others receive a link to an online copy. Past copies of Prime Times are available online.

If you have a story you would like published or are interested in helping with the editing please contact the Prime Times editor.


E-News is the ASURA Electronic Newsletter and is used to keep ASURA members abreast of current items of interest. Typically the editor, in consultation with the ASURA President, decides after each ASURA Board Meeting whether there is material for another E-News publication. Occasionally E-News will be published at non-standard times when important time-dependent events warrant it. 

If you would like to help edit and publish E-News please contact the E-News editor.


ASURA publishes obituaries for people who were at some time ASU employees or who had another significant (non-student) connection to ASU. Notices may be found in newspapers and other publications, from communications from bereaved family members, from communications from ASURA members, and so forth. The notice is published on the ASURA website and an e-mail announcement is sent to those ASURA members who have opted to receive them. 

If you would like to help collect, edit, and post obituaries please contact the Obituary Committee Chair.

Website and Database

The Website and Database Committee is charged with keeping the three ASURA websites up to date. The base ASU site is this one, There is a linked site for membership and event management and for internal organization information at There is another linked site for publication of organizational photos at The base site uses ASU's Webspark and is a Drupal site. It requires the implementation of periodic updates when Drupal or Webspark makes them available. The Wild Apricot and Zenfolio sites are hosted sites, and involve some customization of appearance but no regular updating of software. Working on the Wild Apricot or Zenfolio sites is facilitated by a number of built-in tools to help you do the tasks these websites were designed to support. Working on the ASU site is a bit involved since the Drupal site provides more basic building tools.

If you would like to help with any of the ASURA websites please contact Website and Database chair.

Annual Meeting

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