Government and Health Insurance Liaisons

There are two liaisons: Government and Health Insurance.

Government Liaisons

The Government Liaisons act as agents of the Board to provide liaison and advocacy in relation to the Arizona State Legislature, the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) and such other agencies as the Board may designate. Per the ASURA Bylaws, the Liaisons are charged to exert influence on targeted agencies as approved by the ASURA Board and in consultation with the ASURA officers. The Liaisons serve at the pleasure of the ASURA Board.

As of October 2015 ASURA has one registered lobbyist and a few others helping with the review of legislative and ASRS actions. .

The ASURA lobbyist is registered with the Arizona Secretary of State and has legal authority to speak at various State agencies and the Arizona Legislature on behalf of ASURA. The advocacy is limited by the ASURA Bylaws and approval of their specific activities by the ASURA Board.

If there is more than one lobbyist, one is marked as the designated lobbyist. That person is responsible for making the other authorized lobbyists aware of their responsibilities and for filing quarterly reports and certain other forms required from ASURA regarding its lobbying activities by the Secretary of State.

You can find out more about the Arizona Legislative Liaisons at Liaisons or the ASRS Liaisons at ASRS.  If you are interested in being a member of the Legislative Liason team please contact the ASURA President.

Health Insurance Liaisons

According to the ASURA Bylaws the Health Insurance Liaisons monitor existing health insurance programs for University retirees, propose improvements in insurance programs, and suggest actions that should be taken by the Associaiton to provide the best possible health insurance coverage for its members.

More information about how the ADOA & ASRS Health Insurance Liaisons function is available. If you are interested in being part of the Health Insurance Liaison team please contact the ASURA President.

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