Finance & Fundraising Committee

There are three committees working on finance and fund raising: Finance, Book Drive, and the Golf Tournament.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee considers how we finance our operations over the long term, and recommends any actions about our means of financing to the Board:

  • Are we bringing in enough money to finance the things we are doing and would like to do? If not, what should  we do about it (raise dues, hold fund raisers, reduce expenses, etc.)?  
  • If we have more than we need for on-going operations, what should we do about it (e.g., put money into the Scholarship Endowment fund, lower dues)?
  • If we ought to hold fund raisers, what specifically should they be (golf tournament, book sales, etc.)? If we decide on a fund raiser, the Board can appoint a committee to actually carry it out.
  • Perform the annual audit that the Treasurer requests, per our Bylaws.

More information about how the Finance Committee operates is available.  If you are interested in being a member of the Finance Committee please contact the Committee Chair

Book Drive

The Book Drive Committee organizes the collection used books which retiring ASU employees no longer need or want.   In cooperation with Friends of the Phoenix Public Library the books are resold; ASURA gets one half of the sale price. You can read more about this effort on the ASURA site.

If you would like to help or would like more information please contact the Book Drive Committee Chair.

Golf Tournament

The tournament, if held, is organized by the ASU Retirees Association, both for fun and to raise some money to support ASURA projects, particularly the Video History and Scholarship projects.

The format for the tournament is a "modified scramble": Each player hits a tee shot and the best tee shot of the group is selected for the location of the next fairway stroke. The process is repeated for each fairway shot. The best ball on the green is selected and each player puts from that spot. There are no mulligans or provisional mulligans.

Funding is raised through donations and sponsors.

Currently the committee has been suspended. If you are interested in being on this committee please contact ASURA President.


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