Events Committees

The Events Committee is a collection of three sub-committees: Luncheons and Special Events, Seminars, and Travel. 

Events Committee Chair

The chair of the Events Committee helps coordinate the activities of the three sub-committees helping to ensure that the events are reasonably spaced during the year. The chair further facilitates the posting of events on the ASURA Events and Database website, The chair also helps collect past events stories and pictures for posting on the ASURA Photo Gallery and Past Events pages on the ASURA website.

More information about what the chair does is available. If you are interested in helping contact the Events Committee Chair

 Luncheons and Special Events

The Luncheons and Special Events Committee plans and organizes a variety of local social events including luncheons with entertainment, wine tasting, the annual September "Meet and Greet", the December Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale, etc.

More information about how the Luncheon & Special Events Committee operations is available. If you have ideas for a social gathering or would like to be part of the Committee, please contact the committee chair.

Pre-retirement Seminars

The Pre-retirement Seminar Committee is tasked with developing and presenting seminars for ASU employees who are getting close to retirement. The goal is to help ease the transition from working to retired. Topics address such things as changes in finances, health insurance, loss of daily contact with colleagues, things you wished you knew about retirement before you retired, etc.

If you have ideas about topics for this committee and or would like to help develop and present these seminars please contact the Pre-retirement Seminar Chair.


The Seminars Committee was created by the Board in its January 2011 meeting with the goal of organizing and presenting informative group sessions to ASURA members and potential members on topics related to retirement and aging.

The sessions may be offered by ASURA members or by others.

Each session is on a specific single topic and lasts no more than two hours. Example topics of interest:

  • Health Insurance options, particularly to help members prepare for open enrollment in ADOA and ASRS health programs and in Medicare.
  • Living and care options for elders, including independent living, assisted living, life-care communities, and so forth.
  • Retirement tips – what ASU retirees may not realize about how things work in their retirement. These would usually be geared to those who are about to retire or who have recently retired.
  • Financial management for retirees.

More information about how the Seminar Committee operates is available. If you want to suggest a topic of interst or join the committe please contact the Committee Chair.


The Committee’s goals are to provide a range of travel opportunities for the ASURA membership. The Committee has conducted surveys among the Association membership to gain information about such travel factors as: destination, modes of travel, length of travel, types of travel, cost of travel, etc. This information from the members is used as a guide in planning the various travel events.

Generally, the Committee tries to follow the following formula in planning travel opportunities for an academic year: 1-3 local one-day trips in the Valley, 1-2 multi-day trips in the state or region and 1-2 international trips.

More information about how the Travel Committee operates is available. Anyone interested in joining the travel committe should contact the Travel Committee chair