Thank You For Donating! 

In addition to providing direct financial support to the funds listed below, you can help support us by donating your used books. If you would like to include ASURA in your estate plans, please contact the ASU Foundation.

Gifts in support of ASU may be considered a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax adviser regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions.

Scholarship Recipients Elizabeth Clarke, Marcene Hoover-Bennett, Anthony Desimoto, Jr., and Tara Pryts
ASURA Reentry Student Scholarship. With this scholarship, ASURA provides financial support for a student who is returning to university studies after an absence. Your donation will be to the endowment fund established for this purpose. To provide support at our desired generous level, ASURA currently uses its operating funds to supplement the amount the endowment fund pays out each year. As the endowment fund grows, the payout will be higher and the supplemental amount can decrease, thus helping with long-term financial stability for the organization.
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Adopt-a-Family Thank You Notes
Our  Adopt-a-Family program. The Association works with the Tempe School District and ASU's Off-campus Student Services to select needy families who are provided with clothing, food and holiday gifts several times a year. The program is carried out by volunteers. Your donations go directly and entirely to the families who are chosen for support."
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Lattie Coor Being Interviewed by Pam Stevenson 
Video History project. Our  project interviews people who have a significant history with ASU. The video interviews are edited and added to the ASU Library digital repository, where they can be accessed by anyone interested in ASU's history or in the individuals interviewed. The work is currently conducted entirely by volunteers. Your donations are used to maintain cameras, computers and other equipment or services needed by the volunteers to create a quality product.
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Health Insurance Seminar 
Our Association operating funds. We use our operating funds to pay for our membership communications (Prime Times, website, e-mails, mailings), our free events including social get-togethers and seminars, a portion of our student scholarship, and anything else needed to maintain the organization's functions. All work of the Association is done by volunteers, so no salaries or wages are involved. We receive a small amount of support annually from ASU, but the bulk of our operating expenses are supported by membership donations. 
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