About ASURA and Its History

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ASURA was founded in 1991, and it has been growing and developing ever since.

The organization was created through the efforts of several retired and current (at the time) ASU employees who believed that an association that included both faculty and staff would be important in advocating for ASU retirees, and also in advocating for ASU. The Office of Public Affairs was instrumental in ASURA's initial formation and in 2003 its ASU sponsorship of ASURA was formalized. In 2015 sponsorship was shifted to Human Resources.

From the beginning one of ASURA’s main functions has been to serve as a watchdog and advocate for retirees, lobbying for their best interests at the State Legislature and with State agencies, and working with ASU departments and leaders for access to university services.

In addition to this major focus, the organization sponsors a number of programs that contribute to the community. There is a video history project that is documenting ASU's past, an annual student scholarship, and an Adopt-a-Family project.

ASURA also offers a range of activities for its members. There are seminars with topics of interest to retirees, and there are Fall, Holiday, and Spring luncheons, and local, state, national, and international trips.

Retirees often join ASURA to support its watchdog activities, but also as a way of maintaining associations with people they knew while employed. Active membership is also a way to make new and interesting friends. ASURA is a diverse group of people, and generally a cheerful group. Although there were initially fears that faculty would dominate a joint organization, that has not proved to be the case: there have been an almost equal number of faculty and staff in leadership positions since founding.

To learn more about the history of ASURA, read our books, "A Decade of Success", "A Second Decade of Success" and "Celebrating a Third Decade of Success". You may read them here on-line, and/or members may pick up a free paperback copy at our office. Copyright ASURA, all rights reserved.