Video History Interviews

Lattie Coor Being Interviewed by Pam Stevenson

The ASURA Video History Project records video interviews with retired and former employees of ASU who have a significant history with the university. Each interview contains a unique story from the individual's perspective regarding ASU and its history. See "Video History Project" for information about how interviewees are selected and how to view completed interviews.

To view a brief clip of the video, if available, click on (video clip) following the person's name and department. We also have brief biographies for some of these people, normally because they have volunteered with our Association, and in those cases their name is linked to that biography. Please Note: Those with an asterisk do not have a DVD available at this time, because the original interview has not yet been edited into final form.

  1. *Allen, Chuck (KAET) (video clip) (full video)
  2. Anderson, Doug (Journalism) (video clip) (full video)
  3. *Arntzen, Charlie (Biodesign Institute) (video clip) (full video)
  4. Backus, Charles (Engineering and East / Polytechnic Campus) (video clip) (full video)
  5. Bardewyck, Loretta (Nursing) (video clip) (full video)
  6. Barnhill, Robert (Engineering) (video clip) (full video)
  7. *Bender, Paul (Law) (video clip)
  8. Betz, Mat (Civil Engineering and Administration) (video clip) (full video)
  9. *Bogart, Quentin (Higher Education) (video clip) (full video)
  10. *Borovanksy, Vladimir (Library) (video clip) (full video)
  11. Branstetter, Ellamae (Nursing) (video clip) (full video)
  12. Brown, Brent (Public Affairs & Institutional Advancement) (video clip), Lobbyist (video clip) (full video)
  13. *Bruns, Barry (Business and Finance) (video clip) (full video)
  14. *Burgess, Hugh (Architecture) (video clip)
  15. Campbell, Rudy (Former Tempe Mayor, Board of Regents, Sun Angels, Research Park) (video clip -- Appointment to ABOR) (full video)
  16. Campbell, Rudy (video clip -- with Frank Lloyd Wright viewing the Gammage Auditorium site)
  17. *Carroll, Alan (Budget Office)
  18. Coor, Lattie (President) (video clip) (full video)
  19. *Corbin, Charles (Exercise and Wellness) (video clip) (full video)
  20. Crowder, Troy (Journalism and Telecommunications) (video clip) (full video)
  21. DeGraw, Bette (Extended Education) (video clip) (full video)
  22. *Doane, Winifred  (Zoology)
  23. Dolbert, Susan (UG Admissions, Alumni Association (video clip) (full video)
  24. Dotts, Don (Alumni Association) (video clip) (full video)
  25. Doyle, Roy (Education) (video clip) (full video)
  26. *Durand, Barbara (Nursing)
  27. Edwards, Gus (Theater/Film) (video clip) (full video)
  28. Edwards, John (Education) (video clip) (full video)
  29. Ellis, Bob (KAET-TV) (video clip) (full video)
  30. Elmore, James W. (Architecture) (video clip) (full video)
  31. Eschbach, Barbara (Information Technology) (video clip) (full video)
  32. Eschbach, Darel (Telecommunications) (video clip) (full video)
  33. Fearon, Hal (Purchasing / Management) (video clip) (full video)
  34. Fisher, Marvin (Languages and Literature) (video clip) (full video)
  35. *Fleming, Robert "Coach"  (Dir. of Bands) (video clip) (full video)
  36. Foster, Brian (Anthropology / Grad College (video clip) (full video)
  37. *Francis, Bob (Registrar / Student Life)
  38. *Frazier, Herman (Intercollegiate Athletics) (video clip)
  39. *Fry, Warren (AV Services/Univ. Libraries)
  40. *Fuchs, Jacob (Chemistry) (video clip)
  41. Glick, Milton (Provost) (video clip) (full video)
  42. Gisolo, Margaret (Dance) (video clip)(full video)
  43. Gooding, Elmer (Economics / Administration) (video clip) (full video)
  44. Gordon, Leonard (Sociology) (video clip) (full video)
  45. Greathouse, Betty (Curriculum and Instruction) (video clip) (full video)
  46. Grigsby, Eugene (Art) (video clip) (full video)
  47. Hardt, Ann (Education)
  48. *Harris, Walter (Music / Vice Provost) (video clip)
  49. *Harrison, Mernoy (VP Business Affairs) (video clip)
  50. *Hastings, Vernon (Construction)
  51. Huizingh, William (Accounting) (video clip) (full video)
  52. Humphrey, Ted (Honors / Philosophy) (full video)
  53. Jacob, Richard (Physics and Astronomy) (video clip) (full video)
  54. *Jankowski, Dan (Engineering) (video clip) (full video)
  55. Kajikawa, Bill (Athletics) (video clip) (full video)
  56. Kigin, Denis (Technology, and Continuing Education & Summer Sessions) (video clip)  (full video)
  57. Kingsinger, Jack (Provost) (video clip) (full video)
  58. *Kirkpatrick, Sam (video clip) (Liberal Arts)
  59. *Kleemann, Gary (Student Services) (video clip)
  60. *Krahenbuhl, Gary (Liberal Arts) (video clip) (full video)
  61. Kush, Frank (Athletics, football) (video clip) (full video)
  62. *Land, Floyd  (Memorial Union) (video clip)
  63. Lessard, Beth (Dance) (video clip) (full video)
  64. *Lewis, William (Engineering, Information Technology) (video clip) (full video)
  65. *Linton, Marigold  (American Indian Programs) (video clip) (full video)
  66. Lombardi, Eugene  (Music, University Symphony Orchestra) (video clip) (full video)
  67. Lundgren, Harry (Civil Engr) (full video) (video clip)
  68. Mason, Bruce (Political Science) (video clip) (full video)
  69. Matheson, Alan (Law) (video clip) (full video)
  70. McHenry, Al (Engineering) (video clip) (full video)
  71. *McNeill, Connie (Information Technology) (video clip) (full video)
  72. McSheffrey, Gerry (Architecture and West campus) (video clip) (full video)
  73. Metha, Arlene  (Counseling Psychology) (full video) (video clip)
  74. Meunier, John (Architecture) (video clip) (full video)
  75. Miller, Victor J. (Agriculture) (video clip) (full video)
  76. *Montiel, Miguel (Chicano Studies/Hispanic Res. Ctr)
  77. Moore, Carleton (Chemistry and Geology, meteorites) (video clip) Moon Rock (video clip) (full video)
  78. Morrell, George (Purchasing) (video clip) (full video)
  79. Mulhollan, Paige  (Executive VP/Provost) (video clip) ( full video)
  80. *Munk, Morton (Chemistry/Biochemistry) (video clip) (full video)
  81. Murra, Dick (Human Resources) (full video) (retirement farewell)
  82. Nelson, Russell (President, Business) (video clip) (full video)
  83. *Odenkirk, Jim (Health, P.E., Recreation)
  84. *Olivas, Louis (Business/Asst VP)
  85. Oliver, Robert  (Architecture) (video clip) (full video)
  86. Ostrom, Lonnie (Development & ASU Foundation) (video clip) (full video)
  87. Parker, Clyde (Gammage) (video clip) (full video)
  88. *Payne, June (Publications / ASURA) (video clip)
  89. Peck, Dick (Provost / Interim President) (video clip) (full video)
  90. Penley, Larry (Business) (video clip) (full video)
  91. Peplow, Bonnie (News Bureau) (full video)
  92. Peterson, Val (Facilities Management (video clip) (full video)
  93. Pittman, Anne M. (Physical Education, tennis) (video clip) (full video)
  94. *Prust, Zeke (Engineering / Technology) (video clip)
  95. *Rapp, James (Architecture) (Sketchbook clip)
  96. Rice, Ross (Political Science) (video clip) (full video)
  97. Richards, Gale (Human Communication) (video clip) (full video)
  98. Rio Salado Project Update, 1995
  99. *Rothschild, Mary (Women's Studies) (video clip)
  100. Sackton, Frank (Public Affairs and many other hats!) (video clip) (full video)
  101. Salerno, Nick (English) (video clip) (full video)
  102. *Scannell, Ed  (Marketing / Conference Services)
  103. *Schabacker,Joseph (Management) (video clip)
  104. *Scheatzle, Dave (Architecture)
  105. *Schmidt, Sherrie (University Libraries)
  106. *Schneider, Anne (Public Programs)
  107. Schwada, Wilma (former ASU first lady) (video clip) (full video)
  108. *Schwalm, Dave (English/Admin.) (video clip) (full video)
  109. Shell, Leon (Student Affairs) (video clip) (full video)
  110. Smith, Dean  (ASU Historian, Publications) (video clip) (full video)
  111. *Snyder, Gerald (Comptroller)
  112. *Steadman, Suzanne (International Students) (video clip) (full video)
  113. *Storad, Conrad (Research) (video clip) (full video)
  114. Turk, Rudy (Art Museum) (video clip) (full video)
  115. Umberson, George (Music) (full video)
  116. Valentine, Kristin (Human Communication (video clip)  (full video)
  117. Van Scoy, Linda (Provost's Office) (full video)
  118. *Weigend, Guido (Liberal Arts) (video clip) (full video)
  119. *Wells, Linda (Intercollegiate Athletics) (full video)
  120. Weschler, Louis (Public Affairs) (video clip) (full video)
  121. Hal White (Management) (video clip) (full video)
  122. Winkles, Bobby (Baseball) (video clip) (full video)
  123. Wright, Madelyn (Registrar / Room Scheduling) (video clip) (full video)
  124. *Wurzburger, Marilyn (University Libraries) (video clip) (full video)
  125. *Zafra, Victor  (VP Business Affairs) (video clip)
  126. Roundtable discussion with Brent Brown, Russell Nelson and Frank Sackton (video clip)