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Video History Project

The ASURA Video History Project records video interviews with retired and former employees of ASU who have a significant history with the university. Each interview contains a unique story from the individual's perspective regarding ASU and its history.

Our list of interviewees indicates which are fully edited and available for viewing from the ASU Library's digital repository; which have video clips that can be viewed online; and which have not been edited and are currenlty not available for viewing. 

Viewing Videos Online

To access videos online you need to either:


  • Go to :
  • Enter the name of the interviewee in the "Seach this collection" box and hit enter
  • A new page will open. Click on the person’s name
  • A new page will open showing an Abstract, and Table of Contents. Click on the red "Play" button and sit back and enjoy the video

Viewing Videos on DVD's

There are three ways to view the DVD's:

  1. View on one of the computers in the ASURA Office.
  2. Come to the ASURA Office to check out a video or videos.
  3. Call, e-mail or write us requesting a specific DVD you would like to view. We will send the requested DVD to you via US Mail. Enclosed with each DVD will be a label with the ASURA return address on it. After you are finished with it, simply put the DVD back in the mailer in which you received it, affix the enclosed new label to the front (over your address), add postage and drop it in the mail. Use the same amount of postage as we did to send it to you. We request that you return the DVD within two weeks of receipt.


Nominating a New Interviewee

Nominations for retired faculty and staff as candidates for consideration for inclusion in the Video History Project are always welcomed. Persons wishing to nominate an individual or to serve on the Video History Project Committee are asked to contact the ASURA Office or to mail nominations to the office:

ASU Video History Project
ASU Retirees Association
PO Box 873308
Tempe, AZ 85287-3308

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Ed Sylvester (left) interviewing Conrad Storad
Ed Sylvester (left) interviewing 
Conrad Storad

Roger Carter, Dave Scheatzle, Linda Van Scoy, John McIntosh
Video History Crew Members Roger Carter, Dave Scheatzle,
Linda Van Scoy and  John McIntosh