Seminar Committee Information

The Seminars Committee offers informative group sessions to the ASURA membership and to potential members on topics related to retirement and aging.

The sessions may be offered by ASURA members or by others.

Each session is on a specific single topic and lasts no more than two hours. Example topics of interest:

  • Health Insurance options, particularly to help members prepare for open enrollment in ADOA and ASRS health programs and in Medicare.
  • Living and care options for elders, including independent living, assisted living, life-care communities, and so forth.
  • Retirement tips – what ASU retirees may not realize about how things work in their retirement. These would usually be geared to those who are about to retire or who have recently retired.
  • Financial management for retirees.

The Seminars Committee was created by the Board in its January 2011 meeting. It is a subcommittee of the Events Committee. The other current Events subcommittees are the Travel Committee, the Retirees Day Committee, and the Luncheons/Events Committee.

More information about how the Seminar Committee operates is available. If you want to suggest a topic of interst or join the committe please contact the Committee Chair.

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