Prime Times Advertising

Do you offer or know of a service that you think our members might find useful? If so, share the information via  a small ad in our Prime Times newsletter which comes out three times a year. To submit an ad, send it to the Prime Times editor (the Newsletter Committee Chair), or mail it to our office. Include a note that specifies both how long you would like the ad to run (how many issues) and, if yours is a for-fee service, what discount you will offer to  those who mention your ad.

The following guidelines apply to ads that we publish in Prime Times:

  1. Advertisements must be for services. This excludes ads for goods, restaurants, or events. Examples of services that would be approved for advertisement are home computer services, housing services, living support services, insurance, financial and estate planning services, etc.
  2. Advertisements will be grouped in a section that is marked "Advertisements". The size and location of the section is at the Prime Times editor's discretion. The section will include the following disclaimer:

    "These listings are not endorsements or ratings of the services  provided. Information is based only on material received from service providers."

    The section will also include information on where to find our policy on advertisements (this web page) and how to submit for publication.
  3. Ads must be business-card size, i.e., 3.5 inches wide and 2 inches high, and must look satisfactory in black and white, as we do not print them in color. The Prime Times editor will not edit or change the text submitted for advertisement. If the editor, with input from the ASURA President and/or Board of Directors, finds that the text is not suitable for publication, the advertiser will be notified and the ad will not be printed unless corrected.
  4. There will be no fee for printing advertisements in Prime Times. However, if services advertised are provided for a fee, the provider must certify that they will give a discount to anyone who mentions the Prime Times ad. The discount should be at least 5%.
  5. Advertisements will be run in at least two consecutive issues if the advertiser desires. They may be run indefinitely so long as there is space. If space becomes an issue, the oldest ad(s) will be "bumped" and those bumped must wait at least two issues to be reinstated.
Advertising of any kind is not permitted at our events, via our e-mail list, or on our website. Exceptions: our own events, affiliated events, presenters at our seminars, and e-mails specifically allowed by our E-mail Notices Policy.

These guideliness were approved by the ASURA Board in the December 14, 2016 meeting.