Sue Blumer

Sue Blumer

May 2009

Sue Blumer was born in Dallas, Texas and has lived in Houston, Waco, Fort Worth, Irving, University Park, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Wichita, Arlington, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley. She attended Oklahoma State University as an undergraduate, and after marrying Maynard, she graduated from Wichita State with an English major.

Sue and Maynard have three children: Martha, Laura, and Eric, all born in Albuquerque.

Sue went back to graduate school at ASU, where she taught literature and composition in the English Department for eight years, while earning an MA in English and completing the doctoral coursework and comps. In 1979, she began working for the newly-created College of Public Programs in student services. As Director of Student Services for the college, she worked with academic advising, academic discipline, admissions liaison, college alumni liaison, and college committees.

In 1996, Sue retired to the house in Paradise Valley designed and built in 1963 by architect husband Maynard. The house is surrounded by native trees, birds, roses, rabbits and other assorted critters. Since then, they have traveled all over Europe, as well as China, Israel, Morocco, and Guatemala. They are active gardeners and attend symphony concerts, Phoenix Suns games, yoga classes, and art shows. Last year they went on a construction and medical mission trip to Guatemala. Retirement is good. 


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