Quentin Bogart

Quentin Bogart

12th ASURA President

The following material is taken from a draft of the Second Decade of Success.

Quentin was president during ASU President Crow’s first year in office and attended all the gala inaugural events. More important, he spent most of the year working with the new administration to ensure that ASURA would not be forgotten in the transition.

“On December 17, VP Merkle, Past President Mat Betz and I met with President Crow and Mariko Silver, one of his assistants, to acquaint the President more fully with the operation and future plans of the Association.  Both he and Ms. Silver welcomed our briefing.  We came away with a very positive feeling about our meeting with them.  In my January, 2003, report to the ASURA Board, I told the group that the President had indicated the Association would have the full cooperation of his office in fulfilling our mission of service and becoming an official entity within the University.

At some point during the spring a proposal was developed requesting that ASURA be granted official recognition as part of the structure of the University.

The Proposal, “ASURA—Toward Becoming an Integrated Entity of ASU,” proposed that ASURA be affiliated with Vice President for Public Affairs/University Relations division placing it in better position to serve its membership, the University, and the wider Arizona community.  This sponsorship would enable the Association to obtain and maintain more accurate and timely information and records (we were having problems getting names and addresses of those planning to retire), assure the tax-exempt status as an ASU organization, and--when necessary—provide emergency assistance with its day-to-day operations as a service organization of the University.

Seven items made up the substance of the proposal.  As part of my chapter, I’d like to share them with those who might be interested.

  1. Publicly announce and acknowledge that ASURA is officially a sponsored entity of the VP for Public Affairs/University Relations unit with the endorsement and support of the University and the President.  (This action would give ASURA legitimacy.)
  2. Appoint a high level administrator from the President’s Office in an ex-officio capacity to serve as a liaison with the VP for Public Affairs/University Relations Office.
  3. Continue to provide ASURA with office space, printing, mailing, postage, and other current forms of support.
  4. Assign a staff member to work with ASURA;s office manager and others    when such assistance is required to accomplish secretarial and other routine activities.
  5. Gain President Crow’s authorization to release names and home addresses of those faculty, academic professionals, administrative and service professionals, and classified staff permitting ASURA to update its personnel records.
  6. Help develop an official and ongoing relationship between ASURA and the Sun Card office so that the Association can become a resource for that office and those ASU retirees seeking to secure a Sun Card.
  7. Recommended that the University authorize ASURA’s web page to be made accessible through ASU’s home page on the Internet.

One of the great benefits of ASURA’s new and official relationship with the University was our legally “Tax Exempt Status.”  As noted earlier, ASURA had been an unofficially recognized organization since about 1990.  None-the-less there were concerns about the Association’s ability to legally accept contributions of money and other gifts for tax deductible purposes   Throughout the late winter and spring with the help of Associate General Counsel Jewett and ASU Foundation officers, Chuck Wagner and Dale Palmer, we developed letters of receipt which legally acknowledged contributions of both types given to the Association.

Quentin was interviewed by ASURA's Video History Project team on June 17, 2013. A short clip from the interview is available for on-line viewing.