Janet Soper

Janet Soper

June 2009

Janet Soper is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor's of Music in Instrumental Music Education. Oddly enough, after graduation, she worked for the Internal Revenue Service as a tax auditor. She left the work force in 1980 to raise her two sons, Rob and Tom (both sons eventually graduated from ASU). After moving to Arizona in 1985, she got her sons established in school and helped her husband open a CPA office in 1977.

Janet spent 17 years in the Publication Assistance Center for the College of Public Programs where she worked as a graphic design supervisor enhancing projects created by the faculty and staff. This included grant proposals, journal articles, brochures, certificates, newsletters, posters, web pages, and entire books. After the new dean closed the center and gave Janet 6 months of paid administrative leave, she worked almost a year for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a technology support analyst associate in the Social Sciences Computing Cluster. Then, after another administrative leave of almost 5 months, she worked over a year at University Testing Services where she once again provided computer support, updated their databases, and managed their web site.

Janet retired from ASU in 2009 and has explored many retirement opportunities. She volunteers at the ASURA office and has recently taken on typesetting the Prime Times newsletter. She will also be tutoring children in the fourth grade through a program called Experience Corps beginning in late August. Janet and her husband Bob are great book and movie fans and spend their free time reading books or at theaters. Janet is also quite a computer nerd when she isn't working Sudoku puzzles.

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