Floyd Land

Floyd Land

13th ASURA President

Material is taken from the draft of The 2nd Ten Years, a history of ASURA.

Floyd Land  received his  bachelor’s degree in education and began teaching in 1961, then started working on his masters in counseling education during the summers, finished that in 1965 and became a high school counselor. In 1967 he moved to Florida and became director of counseling services at Indian River Community College for two years. The year round “summer” season and humidity, plus the call of returning to Colorado found him back “home” as a counselor in the community college system.

After a couple of years the director of the Student Union position came open and Land moved up the hall and into a new phase of his career.  About this time he began working on an advanced degree in Student Personnel Services.  His new “career” gave him the opportunity to become active in the Association of College Unions International and he was selected to serve in a regional leadership capacity.  This provided him the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the country in various phases of Student Union programs and development.  He  spent time on a number of campuses hosting conferences and events for the association and as a result developed a connection with ASU.  In 1978 Land was offered the position of assistant director of the MU and he moved to Arizona.  He later became director and spent the rest of his professional career there retiring in 1998.

The MU became a “model” for unions around the country with its innovative program for student managers, giving students the opportunity to become involved in the management and development of programs and services for the facility and campus. The students were invited to present workshops at various regional and national conferences on the program developed at ASU.

Denis Kigin and George Morrell encouraged Land to join ASURA where he got involved with the travel committee and worked with Don Robinson and his team. Quentin Bogart was vice president in 2001-2002 and as he was moving up encouraged Land to seek that position, moving to president in 2003-2004.

“I remember my time on the board as one of emphasis on expanding the active membership to include more service professional and staff retirees. The outreach opportunities grew with the additional involvement in the scholarship program, adopt a family project, the video history project, and the opportunities to volunteer at various events and services on campus.  The membership committee efforts brought us more members and along with that the growing needs and demands on our volunteer office staff.  Corrine Irvin and Bob Beeman worked tirelessly to coordinate that service and keep us on the straight and narrow.  That was probably their biggest challenge!”

Floyd was interviewed by ASURA's Video History Project team on May 9, 2011. A short clip from the interview is available for on-line viewing.