Don Nilsen

Don Nisen

February 16, 2017

Don L. F. Nilsen retired from ASU’s English Department in 2011.  He is now the Assistant Dean of the Humanities Division of ASU’s Emeritus College.  With Alleen Pace Nilsen, Don is the Co-Founder of the International Society for Humor Studies, and Past Co-President of the American Name Society.  Don’s most recent books have all been co-authored with Alleen.  They include Names and Naming in Young Adult Literature, Vocabulary Plus: A Source-Based Approach, Literature for Today’s Young Adults, 9th Edition, Pronunciation Contrasts in English, and Encyclopedia of 20th-Century American Humor.  Don and Alleen have recently signed a contract with Cambridge University Press to write Humor across the Disciplilnes.  The PowerPoints that will be used with this book can be found in the Nilsen web site: .


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