Carolyn Minner

Carolyn Minner

Spring 2014

Originally from Indiana, Carolyn came to Arizona in 1989, first settling in Flagstaff to be near her brother. But the winters were too harsh so she relocated to Phoenix in 1991.

While in Flagstaff, Carolyn worked at Northern Arizona University. This was her first experience working in a university environment, and she soon found it to be an interesting and challenging change in direction. Her position at NAU was that of Administrative Assistant for the Computing Services department.

Soon after relocating to Phoenix, she found a position with the same title and same department at ASU's West campus. She worked with Connie McNeill for the next 15 years and loved every minute of it, working her way from Administrative Assistant to Business Manager Senior. Shortly after retiring from ASU in June of 2007 she took on responsibility for ASURA's business management, and she has been serving as the ASURA Business Manager ever since. She also has served a term as an ASURA Board member.

She has two sons, and each of them has three "beautiful" children. One of her sons lives here in the Phoenix area, as does one of her sisters. The other son and most of the rest of her family are still in Indiana so she visits as often as she can.

Coming from a long line of dog lovers, she has had as many as three at once, but now has one -- Sidney, a "very lively Yorkiepoo" who can also be very sweet and cute when she chooses. 

 623-910-7511 (cell)