Anna-Marie Shivers

Anna Marie Shivers

May 2009

I was born in a small village in the former Czechoslovakia in 1939. As a child of WWII my family was uprooted several times. I grew up and studied in several European countries: Germany, Switzerland, England/Wales, France.

August 1971 I crossed the Atlantic Ocean with my own young family supposedly for two years - however - we did not go back but grew roots in Tempe, Arizona. I have lived in the same little house ever since, raised four children, who all graduated from ASU. I went back to school/ASU for a B.A. in Psychology and started to work at ASU Student Health from 1980 to 2002.

My garden is my psychotherapy, I like to knit, ride my bike and prepare "Grandma's Café " for my granddaughter Shelby and her friends when they come to my house. I am very happy because two more grandchildren are coming this year (2009).


ASU Retirees Association
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