ASURA Personnel 2016-2017

President Barbara White (4/16-8/16) Jeri Meeks (9/16-3/3017)
Past President Jim Fordemwalt
Vice President Tara Roesler
Secretary Bev Buddee
Treasurer Barry Bruns
Board Members

Tony Brazel
Barry Bruns
Bev Buddee
Jay Q. Butler
Larry Carlson
Joyce Hartman Diaz
Jim Fordemwalt
Bob Francis
Larry Mankin
Barry McNeill
Jeri Meeks
Trudy Perez
Jeannette Robson
Tara Roesler
David Schwalm
Barbara White (resigned 9/2016 replaced by Connie McNeill)

Ex-officio Board:
Alumni Association
Emeritus College
Human Resources
Public Affairs (shared)
University Club
University Senate
University Staff Council

Rhonda McClintock
Don Nilsen
Judith Cato
Abby Polito
Jim Fordemwalt
Chuck Elliot
Katie Aguilar
Community Outreach - Adopt-A-Family Joan Leard
Community Outreach - Scholarship Sue Blumer and Joy Shearman
Community Outreach - Video History Project Dave Scheatzle
Events - overall coordination Barry McNeill
Events - Luncheons & Special Events Joyce Hartman Diaz
Events - Pre-retirement Seminars Trudy Perez
Events - Seminars Bev Buddee
Events - Travel John Brock 
Finance Barry Bruns
Government Liaison Council - State Legislative Liaison Jeri Meeks
Government Liaison Council - ASRS Liaison Larry Carlson and Tara Roesler
Health Insurance Liaison - ASRS/ADOA Larry Carlson, Tara Roesler
Membership & Communications Dave Schwalm
Membership & Communications - Obituaries Becky Reiss 
Membership & Communications - Prime Times Jeannette Robson
Membership & Communications - website, database Connie McNeill 
Business Manager Carolyn Minner
Office Coordinator Nancy Lesko and Linda Van Scoy
Office Volunteers Mena Bell
Bev Buddee
Maxine LaRoux
Joan Leard
Nancy Lesko
Dorothy Meunier
Jeannette Robson
Tara Roesler
Bonnie Scheall
Helen Seaton
Linda Whatley
Linda Van Scoy

 Sue Blumer

Sue Blumer has been chair / co-chair of the Scholarship Committee for many years and has overseen the selection of one after another of very deserving students.