ASURA Personnel 1993-1994

President Anne Pittman
Past President Denis Kigin
Vice President Dean Smith
Secretary Bob Beeman
Treasurer Madelyn Wright
Board Members Mat Betz
Bob Beeman
Carolyn Brown
Hildegard S. Crane
Wilfred (Bill) Ferrell
Bernard L. Jackson
Patricia L. Kelley
Denis Kigin
Willard Pedrick
Anne Pittman
Henry C. Reeves
Diana Regner
Dean Smith
Marilyn Wahl
Guido Weigend
Madelyn Wright
Ex-officio Board:
  Academic Senate
  Classified Staff Council
  Human Resources
  University Relations
  Academic VP
no record
no record
no record
no record
no record
AZ Council of Retired Univ. Employees Gale Richards
Education Don Gieschen
Health Insurance Dick Murra
Legislative Liaison Bruce Mason
Membership George Morrell
Newsletter June Payne
Retirement System Liaison Bob Ellis 
University Club Gordon Inskeep
University Liaison Dean Smith 
Business Manager Corinne Irvan
Office Coordinator Corinne Irvan

June Payne

June Payne, who edited the newsletter for several years, and also served as first chair of the Video History Project.