These obituaries are for people who died during 2006. They are listed in reverse chronological order. All of our obituaries have been collected by ASURA volunteers, primarily from the Arizona Republic. They have been edited for use in ASURA publications.

  Harry Holmes 30 Dec 2006 Harry Holmes, 82, passed away December 30, 2006. He worked in ASU's Carpenter Shop for 30 years, retiring in 1983. He is survived by his wife, Madge.
  James W. Heywood 20 Dec 2006 James W. Heywood, 96, died December 20, 2006. In 1958 he retired from the Navy and moved his family to Tempe to attend ASU. In 1960, while still progressing toward his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Jim joined the staff of ASU's College of Engineering. Later, after completing a Masters degree in Engineering, he accepted a non-teaching faculty position in the College of Engineering. Jim retired from ASU after 23 years of service. Jim is preceded in death by his first wife, Mary. He is survived by four children, nine grandchildren , eight great-grandchildren, and his second wife, Adelaide.
  Andrew Robert Mills 16 Dec 2006 Andrew Robert Mills, 81, passed away December 16, 2006. Andy worked at ASU for 38 years as Garage and Motor Pool supervisor. George Morrell was his very good friend and boss. Andy is survived by his wife, Geneva, two daughers, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.
  Martha Scheier 7 Dec 2006 Martha Scheier, 82, passed away on December 7, 2006. She was a secretary in ASU's Physical Plant for more than 30 years. She is survived by her husband, Paul and other relatives.
  Norma Alice Price 30 Sep 2006 Norma Alice Price, author, religious leader, mother and wife, passed from this life on September 30, 2006. In 1943, she married Thornton Walton Price, Jr., who had a long academic career that concluded in a professorship in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Arizona State University. Norma and Thornton had three children: Thornton died in 1991. The Price family were among the founding members of the Tempe Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
  John F. Crossen 12 Sep 2006 Rev. John F. Crossen, 2/17/1960 - 9/12/2006 - John was a great child and endeared to many as a young man. He accomplished so much in his short life. A graduate of ASU, Magna Cum Laude at St.Thomas Seminary, and completing a PhD (ABD) in Spanish Language, Literature & Culture at Indiana University. He was a Professor at an Academy outside Washington, D.C. after teaching at ASU, Regis University & Mansfield University (PA). He was published in several disciplines. John traveled to Rumania, Italy, England, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Macao, China, and attended school in Japan & Thailand.
  Orley Jay Bradshaw 30 Jul 2006 Orley Jay Bradshaw, 82, passed away July 30, 2006. Orley was retired from Information Resources Management of Computing Services at ASU.
  Margaret Lorena Perril 29 Jul 2006 Margaret Lorena Perril, 96, passed away on July 29, 2006.  She and her husband Lester moved to Phoenix in 1956 where Dr. Perril was a professor at ASU. She taught elementary school in South Phoenix until they retired in 1975.
  William A. "Daddy B. Billy" Cavalliere 26 Jul 2006 William A. ‘Daddy B. Billy' Cavalliere, 93, Professor Emeritus, passed away on July 26, 2006. After receiving a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Education at ASU, he began teaching at ASU in 1945 in the Technology and Applied Sciences Department. He became a Professor Emeritus in 1978.
  John David "Chip" Harris 13 Jul 2006 John David "Chip" Harris died Thursday, July 13, 2006.  Chip was an Adjunct Professor of Law at ASU.
  Charles Ray Campbell 26 Jun 2006 Dr. Charles Ray Campbell, 69, passed away on June 26, 2006. Dr. Campbell received his Bachelors degree in Health Science from other institutions and then did his graduate studies at ASU. He taught courses at Phoenix College, Embry Riddle and ASU until he retired in 1997.
  Sarah (Sally) Jane Flanagan 26 Jun 2006 Sarah (Sally) Jane Flanagan passed away on June 26, 2006.  Sarah worked for several years in the Dance Department at ASU.
  Eva Pauline Conn 23 Jun 2006 Eva Pauline Conn, 71, passed away June 23, 2006. Pauline was a secretary for the ASU athletic department for many years. Interment was at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.
  Alfred E. Dittert, Jr. 16 Jun 2006 Alfred E. Dittert, Jr., 84, passed away June 16, 2006. In 1967 he joined the faculty in the Department of Anthropology at ASU until his retirement in 1987, when he received Emeritus status.
  Frederick Allen Staley 14 Jun 2006 Frederick Allen Staley, 64, died June 14, 2006. Fred came to ASU in 1970 as a professor of Environmental Education at ASU. Fred directed the Faculty of Teacher Education for several years, and was a key member in the design and development of TEAIVIS, an innovative teacher education program for mathematics and science with a middle-school focus. He retired in 2003.
  Joan P. Katzenberger 6 Jun 2006 Joan P. Katzenberger, 67, passed away June 6, 2006. She taught at ASU in the College of Nursing.
  Robert E. (Scotty) Reed 4 Jun 2006 Robert E. (Scotty) Reed, 87 died June 4, 2006. Following a military career, he lived in Tempe for more than 50 years and retired from ASU.
  Erma Lee Weber 30 May 2006 Erma Lee Weber, 80, passed away May 30, 2006. She worked for over 20 years at ASU in the Comptrollers office. Lee, a writer, has had some of her stories published in the Arizona Highways magazine.
  Jean Guettel Mayer 23 May 2006 Jean Guettel Mayer, 84, passed away on May 23, 2006. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Albert Mayer, a Professor of Sociology at ASU. Jean received a Master of Counseling from ASU and from 1978-1992 served as the first Director of the Senior Adult Program at Phoenix College. 
  Gesford H. Francis 18 May 2006 Gesford H. Francis, 77, passed away on May 18, 2006. In addition to several official positions he held in the business community, he was a visionary of the ASU West Campus.
  Tom Handy 1 May 2006 Tom Handy, 62, passed away May 1, 2006. He moved to Arizona in 1984 and became an Area Supervisor for Facilities Management at ASU until his medical leave in 2001. 
  Reinhold R. Kiermayr 30 Apr 2006 Dr. Reinhold R. Kiermayr, 70, passed away on April 30, 2006. After retiring from military service in 1975, he moved to Tempe, Arizona, and received a Doctorate from ASU in 1983.  He was a history professor at Glendale Community College for 19 years and also taught classes at ASU-West. The Dr. Reinhold R. Kiermayr Memorial Scholarship has been established by the family at Glendale Community College.
  Mara Pinckard 28 Apr 2006 Mara Pinckard, 65, died April 28, 2006. In 1982 she began her nearly two decade career as Head of Science Reference at the Noble Science and Engineering Library at ASU. She retired in 1999.
  Thomas P. Papandrew 27 Apr 2006 Thomas P. Papandrew (91) died on April 27, 2006. He worked as a construction estimator at several firms until his retirement in 1977, and then assumed a teaching position at ASU in the construction department for several years.
  J. Bruce Wagner, Jr. 25 Apr 2006 Dr. J. Bruce Wagner, Jr., 78, passed away April 25, 2006. He taught at several universities before being named a Regents Professor at ASU.
  Tim E. Wheeler 21 Apr 2006 Tim E. Wheeler, 86, passed away on Friday, April 21, 2006. After retiring from the military, he moved to Arizona in 1955, worked for Mountain Bell Telephone Company for 31 years, primarily at ASU.
  Roderick L. McIntire 20 Apr 2006 Roderick L. Mclntire, 88, "Rod," died on April 20, 2006. Rod, an electronics engineer, moved to Arizona in 1963, where he was employed at the electronics laboratory of the College of Engineering, ASU from 1965 until his retirement.
  Roberta Thomas Overman 11 Apr 2006 Roberta Thomas Overman (Mrs. Glenn Overman), 88, wife of the ASU College of Business Dean, Glenn Overman, died Tuesday, April 11, 2006. Roberta was a tireless worker for ASU and the community.
  Icea E. Moore 5 Apr 2006 Icea E. Moore, 83 died April 5, 2006. Icea was employed by ASU where she worked until her retirement.
  Grace Hekman Bruinsma 30 Mar 2006 Grace Hekman Bruinsma, 89, passed away on March 30, 2006.
  Don Hopfer 30 Mar 2006  Don Hopfer, 52, passed away March 30, 2006. Don was a KAET-TV volunteer and then became a full-time employee in 1977. He spent over 25 years at KAET producing programs, mentoring ASU students and creating "cutting edge" television.
  Philip D. Gaffney 18 Mar 2006 Dr. Philip D. Gaffney, 88, passed away March 18, 2006. In 1957 he joined ASU as Professor of Educational Psychology. Dr. Gaffney received many awards and honors for work in the field of mental retardation, authored nine professional publications, and served on the board of directors for over 30 professional associations and councils.
  William Ringwalt Warner 17 Mar 2006 William Ringwalt Warner, 65, died on March 17, 2006. He served as principal double bassist with several symphonies including Phoenix Symphony. He taught double bass at numerous universities including ASU.
  Sherwin "Jay" Klein 12 Mar 2006 Dr. Sherwin ("Jay") Klein, 87, passed away on March 12, 2006. After retiring in 1987 from Wright State University, he moved to Sun Lakes, Arizona. ASU asked him to be an adjunct professor, a position he held until age 80.
  Kenneth Lyle Carpenter 4 Mar 2006 Kenneth Lyle Carpenter, 84, passed away on March 4, 2006.  In 1963 he retired from the Army with the rank of Major. In 1983 he retired from ASU in his second career as a research and grants contract administrator.
  Charles Warren 4 Mar 2006 Dr. Charles Warren, 83, passed away on March 4, 2006.  After retiring from NAU in 1985, he moved to Tempe, and in 1986 became a part-time instructor at ASU teaching Music History until May 2004.
  Diane Snodgrass Bickford 27 Feb 2006 Diane Snodgrass Bickford, 61, died on February 27, 2006. She is survived by her husband  Bill, who was a professor at ASU, and other relatives.
  Ann D. Elmore 22 Feb 2006 Ann D. Elmore, 88, wife of James W. Elmore (founding Dean of Architecture), passed away on February 22, 2006.
  Gerald D. "Gary" Huston 19 Feb 2006 Gerald D. "Gary" Huston, 75, died February 19, 2006. In 1962 he became a professor and faculty member of the ASU College of Business until he retired in 1995.
  Kern Poyner 2 Feb 2006 Kern Poyner, 46, KAET's manager of information technology, died Feb. 2, 2006. He had worked at KAET since 1999, where his responsibilities included technical planning, management, and operations of all computer systems and digital (DTV) station operations. He was a key contributor for the station's digital conversion in 2001, and served on the national Technology Steering Committee.
  Carlos Vallejo Feb 2006 Carlos Vallejo, 63, an associate professor of curriculum and instruction with ASU's College of Education on the Tempe campus, died Feb. 18. Vallejo joined ASU in 1976 as an assistant professor within the College of Education. The Carlos Vallejo Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established with the ASU Foundation. Donations can be sent to: ASU Foundation, P.O. Box 2260, Tempe, AZ 85280-2260.
  James Case 31 Jan 2006 James Case, 66, died Jan. 31, 2006. He taught in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at ASU from 1969 until he retired in 2001. Upon his retirement, the Department of Speech and Hearing Science established the James Case Speech and Hearing Scholarship.
  Robert Charles Shapiro 24 Jan 2006 Robert Charles Shapiro, 81, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst died on January 24, 2006. In addition to many offices he held, he was a founding member of the Arizona State Psychiatric Society. He was an adjunct professor in psychotherapy to the Ph.D. candidates of ASU, and consulted patients for the 12 years that he taught on the ASU campus.
  Robbie A. McFee 23 Jan 2006 Robbie A. McFee, 59, passed away January 23, 2006. She worked for Sodexho at ASU.
  Stephen Henry McKinley 22 Jan 2006 Stephen Henry McKinley passed away on January 22, 2006.  He was an employee of ASU's Facilities Management for over 10 years.
  Verleen Mae Mathis Melton 22 Jan 2006 Verleen Mae Mathis Melton, 73, passed away on January 22, 2006. Verleen worked for ASU for 20 years.
  Paula Morris Nemeth 14 Jan 2006 Paula Morris Nemeth, 67, passed away on January 14, 2006. Paula retired from ASU in 2003 after many years of dedicated service at the College of Law. Memorial contributions can be made to Hospice of the Valley, 1510 E. Flower Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014.
  Virgil Baker 13 Jan 2006 Virgil Baker, 91, died January 13, 2006. He was a professor emeritus of geography and a former chair of ASU's Department of Geography. Baker came to ASU in 1955 and taught in the Department of Geology until 1960, then in Geography for the 1960-61 school year and then again from 1966-1978 when he retired.
  James Robert Kearney III 13 Jan 2006 James Robert Kearney III, Professor Emeritus, ASU, passed away January 13, 2006. Dr. Kearney taught history for 30 years at ASU.
  Sharon Harkey Fry 5 Jan 2006 Sharon Harkey Fry, 75, passed away recently. Sharon obtained her Master of Music Education degree at ASU, then ASC, in Tempe. She was a Teaching Assistant, Concertmaster of the orchestra and performed as a soloist. In 1956 she joined the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. During her career she taught music in Phoenix and Mesa Public schools, Mesa Community College and violin at ASU.
  Terrill Dean "Terry" Becker 3 Jan 2006 Terrill Dean "Terry" Becker, Sr., 62, passed away on January 3, 2006. He worked as a facilities engineer with ASU Foundation.