November 2010 - Dick Murra retirement Recognition

Dick Murra with Past ASURA Presidents

Dick Murra and Family

Dick Murra

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The Board of Directors and past presidents of ASURA honored Dick Murra during a luncheon on November 10, 2010 at the Karsten Clubhouse.  Dick’s wife, Jan, and his three daughters, Barbara, Jo Ann, and Tracy participated in the celebration of Dick’s continuous service to ASURA from the establishment of our organization in 1991/1992 to the present, encompassing 18 years of uninterrupted service!

In 1992, Dick was the Retirement System and Health Insurance representative. Health Insurance became a standing committee later that year, and Dick served as its first chair. He remained in that position until 2010. He also was a member of the Board of Directors from 1994 to 1997.

Health insurance benefits have always been a prime concern of ASU retirees and continue to be at this time. Throughout his many years of service, Dick tracked legislation affecting health insurance and changes to policy or plans and benefits implemented by the Arizona Department of Administration, which administers state health insurance plans for ASU employees and retirees. Each month, Dick provided information to the Board that would or could impact retiree health benefits. 

Dick also regularly offered informational and help sessions to members during open enrollment periods. For example, in 2009, when many changes were occurring in state health coverage, Dick, with Doug Johnson, offered to meet with our members during the open enrollment period to answer questions and bring clarity to a confusing number of changes and decisions our member had to make. 120 members attended two meetings conducted by Doug and Dick. Then, again in 2010, Rick, with Doug and Rose Minetti, held two meetings to discuss changes during this year’s open enrollment period.

Eleven past presidents attended the luncheon for Dick and each spoke of the contributions Dick has made to ASURA over his many years of commitment and involvement, with some humorous memories inserted for good measure. Dick, after waiting patiently for all the comments, offered his own amusing and thoughtful remarks. It was a wonderful event to honor a dedicated and most competent health insurance liaison and past Board member.

In Dean Smith’s A Decade of Success, An Illustrated History of  the Arizona State University Retirees Association, Dean said this in 2000, “Murra, the chair has been the faithful fountainhead of information and assistance on health insurance from that time [1992] to this.” (Page 16).  Who knew then that Dick Murra would continue in that role for another 10 years! Thank you, Dick for everything you accomplished and gave to ASURA.


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