Renew Your ASURA Membership

membersIf you are an existing ASURA member who wants to renew membership for the upcoming year, or if you are a former member who wants to rejoin us, this page is for you. Thank you for your continued support. We are glad that you share our belief that ASURA is a worthwhile organization.

To join ASURA for the first time, please refer to our article Join the ASURA. Membership is free through June of next year!

Dues cover the period from July 1 through June 30. The dues amount is the same whenever you pay: we don't pro-rate if you rejoin us part way through a membership year.

To renew:

  1. Complete our Membership Enrollment form and mail it to our office with your check. The form allows space to provide us with updated contact and volunteer information, and also has instructions for mailing. In addition, it provides the opportunity for you to provide extra support for our projects.


  2. Pay on-line following these step-by-step instructions:
    • Go to the ASU Foundation page for our membership and operations fund. It is labeled "ASU Retirees Association". You will see that the $30 gift amount is already highlighted, as that is the amount for renewing your membership. If you wish to give more than that to support our operations, choose or enter another amount.
    • If you would like to make an additional donation to one of our other funds (thank you!):
      • Click on "Add Gift, Keep Exploring". This will put your first donation into your Gift Basket and point your browser to the home ASU Foundation page.
      • Then:
        • Use the search function at the top of the any of the Foundation pages. Enter "Retirees Association" in the search box, press enter and our funds (and a couple that aren't ours) will show up; OR
      • Click on the "Choose Amount" button for the fund you want. This will take you to a page specifically for the fund you chose.
      • Select the amount you would like to donate. If you are done adding to your Gift Basket, choose "Complete Your Gift". Otherwise, repeat these additional donation steps to get to another of our funds.   
    • Provide payment information:
      • You can click on the gold "Your Gift Basket" in the top right corner of your screen at any time to get to the payment screen. You will automatically go to this screen if you choose "Complete Your Gift".
      • You can click on the X next to each gift to remove it from your Gift Basket.
      • You will notice that there is a Login button in the upper right corner. Logging in is OPTIONAL -- you can check out without any log in. The login is to a Foundation account, which is not the same as your Retirees Association login and not the same as your ASURITE login. You will have a Foundation account only if you have donated before and at that time created an account. As you scroll down the payment screen to enter your address and payment information you will have the option of entering a password to create a Foundation account. If you do this, you can use that account to log in next time you donate to ASU, and then not have to re-enter your address, etc.
      • Choose your payment method, provide the payment information, and click on "Complete Donation".

Thank you very much!