Life Care Planning

Diagram: Financial, Legal, and Health Care Advocacy in Life Care PlanIn Life Care Planning, you will choose someone to represent your health care wishes if there's a time in the future when you can't speak, and you will also decide what you want that person to say. Life Care Planning is an important task for all of us, whether young or old, healthy or facing challenges.

Arizonans can make their choices known about who will manage their affairs in the event of an emergency.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office has the following available for you to use in your life care planning (at no cost):

  • General Information about Arizona laws related to future incapacity
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Life Care Planning
  • Life Care Planning forms with instructions:
    Durable Health Care Power of Attorney
    Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney
    Living Will (End of Life Care)
    Letter to My Agent (Representative)
    Pre-Hospital Medical Directive (Do Not Resuscitate)

In addition, the Arizona Secretary of State's Office has an Arizona Advance Directive Registry. This is a place to electronically store a copy of your advance directive so it will be available where and when it is needed 24/7. The Arizona Advance Directive Registry is a FREE database for the storage of advance directives (Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Mental Health Power of Attorney).