Choosing Health Insurance

Man at Computer Choosing PlanMake an Informed Health Insurance Decision

As Dick Murra said, "Study all plans and make an informed decision... Don't assume, ask questions...Take advantage of your own thought process... You... are the one that must be satisfied by your selection."*

All who retire from Arizona State University have an opportunity to continue health insurance through the Arizona State Retirement System or the Arizona Department of Administration. This may or may not be the best choice for you. Below are links to some articles that may help you understand your choices. There are many other articles available -- just search on "health insurance for retirees". None recommends a specific health insurance carrier, but all help you understand how to find and select a health insurance plan that meets your needs.

*Note: Dick Murra was passionate about, and a champion for, health insurance. He was ASURA's Health Insurance Liaison for almost 20 years. All State of Arizona retirees owe him a big debt for his tireless advocacy and his plain talk.