The Governor's Council on Aging holds meetins once a month. ASURA sends a representative to these meetings and prepares a summary of the meeting topics and discussions. Following are links to the various meeting summaries.

2019 Meetings

  • September 13¬†Transportation for Aging Arizonans: Current Challenges and Rising Opportunities (prepared by Jeri Meeks)
  • November 12¬†¬†Prescription Drugs: Available Cost Savings Programs; State and Federal Efforts addressing the Cost of Prescription Drugs (prepared by Jeri Meeks)

2020 Meetings

  • January 21: Public Utilities - new cost-saving programs, challenges that many seniors face in paying for utilities.
  • February 25: House Ad Hoc Committee on Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults - Next steps and findings from the committee.
  • March 17: Diabetes - the rising number of aging Arizonans with Diabetes; the cost of Insulin; challenges in managing Diabetes.
  • April 28: COVID-19 in Long Term Care Facilities
  • May 19 COVID-19 Testing
  • June 16 COVID-19
  • August 18 Long Term Care Taskforce - Impact of COVID-19 on Resuption of In-person Visitation