ASURA Volunteer Helpful Info

I Need Help!ASURA volunteers run the organization -- there are no paid employees of ASURA. We try to make it as easy as possible to be a volunteer, since after all, we are all retired and generally don't want to be so burdened with organization responsibilities that we don't have time for other good things in life: family (grandchildren!), travel, hobbies, etc.

There is quite a bit of material on the Wild Apricot portion of our website that is intended to help our officers, Board of Directors, committee chairs, and office staff carry out their responsibilities. This is an overview of how to access that information and of what is available.

Obtaining Access to Help/Info for Volunteers

Because the help-for-volunteers pages are not intended for the general membership, they can be viewed only by ASURA officers, Board Members, committee chairs, office staff, and others designated by the President.

Wild Apricot Login BlockIn order to identify yourself as such a person, you must log in to the Wild Apricot site. If all has gone as it is supposed to, the technology manager or an assistant has already assigned you to the group with privileges to see this material. Note: because Wild Apricot is a private company and not operated by ASU, the login is not and cannot be your ASURITE UserID and password. 

  • Follow our directions if you've never logged in to our Membership and Events site before.
  • If you've logged in before you can:
    1. Go directly to a log-in form . There's a link to use there if you've forgotten your password; OR
    2. Navigate to a public page on the Wild Apricot site, e.g., click on "Calendar of Events" on this page and use the boxes and buttons in the upper right corner to log in (using the "forgot password" link if necessary); OR
    3. Navigate to a protected page on the Wild Apricot site, e.g., use one of the direct links in the next item. This will cause you to be transferred to the log-in form and then to the desired page.

Getting to the Information

Once you have logged in to the Wild Apricot portion of our website, make sure you are in "public view". If you are not, you will see the words "To public view" near the right of the gray stripe at the top of the screen. Click on those words. You should see some menus in the black stripe that you don't see if you're not logged in or if you don't have privileges. They are named:

If you don't see these menus, contact the technology manager (the chair of the website and database committee).

PoliciesMenuWhen you move your mouse over the name of a menu, you will see the contents of that menu. Click on the topic that interests you.

The Office Staff menu contains information needed to respond to member questions, process membership enrollment forms and event registrations, reserve meeting rooms, and the like.

The Event Chairs menu outlines responsibilities for each of the events chairs and provides instructions for such things as:

  • finding volunteers in the membership database
  • planning an event
  • setting the event up on the website for viewing, advertising and registration
  • using the A/V equipment in CSB 330
  • reporting on a completed event.

The Policies/Procedures menu is the main menu that will be used by officers and Board Members.

The WA Maintenance menu contains information on how to maintain the membership database and generate the Membership Report, on membership recruitment procedures, how to obtain and process notices of death, and so forth. These instructions are of interest primarily to the membership committee chairs, the Business Officer, the Technology Manager, and the office staff. 

The Web Maintenance menu is for those who help maintain content on our website. It describes how to add pages to the base site, how to add documents, photos and video clips, how to manage the obituaries we publish on the site, and so forth. It includes tools and instructions for uploading photos to the photo gallery and labeling them.