E-mail Notices

Example Header for E-mail from ASURA

From time to time ASURA officers and committee chairs send e-mail notices to members for whom we have e-mail addresses. You may choose what e-mails and other communications you receive from ASURA. To change what you are receiving, update your profile. For example, if you do not wish to receive obituaries for people who have had an affiliation with ASU, you can un-check the "I want to receive Obituary Notices" item.

In order to maximize your contact with the ASURA, please be sure to tell us if you have a new e-mail address. If you change e‑mail addresses or services frequently, you can maintain a stable e-mail address for your correspondents by using your ASU e‑mail address.

E-mails that we send to members are typically announcements of upcoming events, obituary notices, or information that we think would be of general interest to our membership. You may also be notified by e-mail when it is time to renew your membership and to request your vote for Board members, for bylaws changes, etc.

Per a policy approved by the ASURA Board during is March 9, 2016, meeting, requests to distribute information relevant to the ASURA membership from the following groups are honored:

  • ASU Administration / Schools / Colleges / Departments / Research Groups
  • ASURA Board Members / Committee Chairs

Requests to distribute information relevant to the ASURA membership from the following  groups will need approval by the Executive Committee:

  • ASURA members other than those covered above
  • People or groups not part of ASU

Materials approved for e-mail distribution to our members are sent to the E-News editor. The editor or the editor's designee will include it in an E-News issue.