Book Drive

ASURA needs your used books!

Are your bookshelves too full? Are you downsizing your office or your home and don't have space for all of your books?

Donate your used books to us, and we will work with our partner, Friends of the Phoenix Public Library, to sell them. We'll use proceeds of the sale to support our programs. The ASU Foundation, a separate nonprofit organization that exists to support ASU, will provide you with a gift receipt for tax purposes.

Half of the proceeds will be used for our ASURA scholarship that goes to an ASU student, and half will be used for our Video History project

When your books are ready for donation:

  • For books that are on an ASU campus, box them up and then ask Facilities Management to pick them up and deliver them to us. To accomplish this your department assistant can complete and submit a FACMAN service request on an on-line form. Facilities will schedule a pickup date with the office assistant. Advise the office assistant to provide your name and department to the FACMAN representative who picks up the books; 
  • Bring all other books to our office. Be sure to check our hours and also call before you come to be sure one of our volunteers is there. The books don't need to be in boxes -- any way you can carry them is fine. An office volunteer will help you put them "loose" in collection bins for transfer to the Friends, and you can/should take your containers back home with you. Parking is readily available by the building. We have two dollies you can use. There are three ramps into the building, and an elevator to the 2nd floor.

If you are unable to deliver your books to our office, please contact Mary Stevens, 602-758-3750 or, or contact our office. Provide your name, e-mail address if you have one, telephone number and the approximate number of books you would like to donate. Mary or another ASURA volunteer will work with you to get the books transferred.

THANK YOU for your support!

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crowded book shelf