Board Meeting Minutes Academic Year 2018-2019

Meeting DateMajor Topics
05-15-2018The Scholarship Committee presented additional criteria to make things more consistent and accurate for the scholarship applicants as well as provide an element of objectivity to help the volunteer reviewers evaluate the applicants. Events are beeing planned and a calendar is being put in place. The Travel Committee reported that a 16-day "Asian Kingdom " (Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam) trip is being coordinated.  Membership numbers are higher due to the automatic enrollment, however renewals has gone down from last year.
09-07-2018The proposed budget for next year was submitted by the FInancial Committee.  Further discussion of the proposed budget was tabled until the October meeting. The Alumni Association has several activities planned for the next which include tailgate parties for all home football games, the Legend Luncheon featuring the 1970 Peach Bowl team for Homecoming, recognition of the "Sun Devil 100" and the Golden Reunion for the 1969 graduating class.  Open enrollment for ADOA health plans is coming up in October.  Information expos will be held.  ASRS health plan premiums are being reduced for the next 3 years.  Information on both of the health plans will be publshed in an upcoming edition of eNews.  Events and seminars have been scheduled for the next year.  A discussion on fundraising and a discussion on membership retention will be on the October board meeting agenda. 

The proposed budget was presented to the Board.  It was indicated that we should break even with our income and expenses for this year.  He pointed out that the general funds includes the $7K we receive from the University.  Special projects includes the proceeds from the book sales which is divided between the video history project and scholarship fund.  Video history project has indicated they need additional equipment and software to support the project.  The required annual review of the ASURA accounts was performed. It was reported that the our balances match the balances the Foundation has for the ASURA accounts.  There were no recommendations for next year.  There were, however, two comments:  1)  It was recommended that we spend the entire $7K received from the University as best we can.  We should continue to monitor the unspent amount and keep it under 10% at the most. 2)  We need to closely monitor the scholarship account and make sure we have sufficient funds if we want to continue to offer $10K each year.   There is a big need for people to edit the video interviews that have been recorded as part of the video history project.  There is a significant backlog that needs to be addressed.  Discussion on membership retention also took place at the meeting.

11-03-2018The financial report was reviewed and approved by the Board.  The Fall luncheon was well attended and well received.  The upcoming Holiday Pot Luck and Bake Sale is scheduled for Friday, December 14th starting at 11:30.  The January 17th seminar has been confirmed.  Dig It Gardening of Phoenix will be presenting on container gardening.  Travel Committee reported their upcoming offerings - Tovrea Castle (April), Spain/Portugal (May) and possible Southern Arizona trip in spring. The Government Liaison Council is recommending that an additional line be added to the membership forms to indicate legislative district for the member in an effort to facilitate a linkage of ASURA members with their district representatives to promote better awareness.  Discussion regarding automatic credit card membership renewal was held and will continue at the January meeting.  Members are needed for the Nomination Committee.  More will be discussed at the January meeting.
December The December meeting was cancelled due to the Holiday Pot Luck and Bake Sale being held the same week.  The next meeting is the January 8, 2019 meeting.