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The Scholarship Committee has selected returning student Stephani Renay Watson as the next scholarship recipient.  Several new members to the Video History Project will soon be trained to assist with the video editing process.  The seminar Committee will be meeting shortly to set the slate of seminars for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  The Travel Committee reported the September trip to the British Isles has been finalized; advertising has begun for the March, 2018, trip to Argentina and Chile; several local trips are in the planning stage.  The Legislative Representatives reported that the 53rd Legislature has adjourned.  They reported on the status of several House and Senate Bills that were of interest to ASURA.  Articles were solicited for both E-News and Prime Times publications.  A survey soliciting member input regarding travel and seminars will be included with the E-News publication.  Membership numbers appear to have increased but these numbers do include all introductory memberships.  The Website and Database Committee reported that the new "Retiree Benefits and Discounts" web page has been completed.  It was also noted that the annual membership renewal drive is about to begin.



 The Scholarship Committee reported that the scholarship funds have been disbursed. The Video History Project Committee has completed a total of 120 interviews, 72 of which have been in-house interviews. The Committee has uploaded 67 video interviews but needs assistance in editing to complete others. The Seminar Committee has 2 Fall events and 4 more lined up for the Spring semester. The Travel Committee is working on several local outings; 10 retirees have committed to the March 2018 trip to Argentina and Chile. The Book Collection Committee gave a call for more books. The Health Insurance Liaison Committee reported on the ASRS Board of Trustees meeting held in August. The Membership Committee reported that new retirees are receptive to the auto enrollment system to ASRS.  The website continues to be updated using a Drupal product created by UTO. The Finance Committee discussed the possibility of a golf tournament as a fund raiser.



The University Affairs Liaison announced the following legislative initiatives when the legislature convenes in January 2018:  50/50 In-State Resident Model 4-year phase-in plan, current state funding is at 34% and with a goal of 50% state investment. Total request of $77M for FY 2019; $63M for current students and $14M for student growth enrollment.  Restoration of HITF funds sweeps from last year (health care) -- $22M restored. Per a member of the Scholarship Committee, a request was made for a discussion to increase the scholarship from $5,000 to $10,000.   It was noted that the fund is healthy and there is adequate cash reserve to fund the increase. President Meeks presented a motion to increase the scholarship to $10,000 for next year. The motion was unanimously approved. The Luncheons and Special Events Committee chair solicited 13 individuals via e-mail to participate in this committee. She heard back from three who showed interest. Suggestions for speakers and events will be considered. The Seminar Committee chair said everything was on track for the 26 October 2017 Open Enrollment Health Care seminar to be held in the Community Room of the Tempe History Museum from 10:00 - noon. To date there are 113 registrants.  An e-flyer describing upcoming events will soon be released by the Travel Committee. It was announced by the Legislative Liaison, that a Tri-University Retirees Association meeting will be held from 10:00 - noon on October 23 at the ASU Decision Theatre. The special topic for this meeting will be advocacy issues at state and local levels. A proposal was approved unanimously for a Small Group Activities (SGA) section in E-News.  The SGA section will allow members to post requests to gather friends for activities, e.g., golf, reading, quilting, etc.  A color copy of Prime Times will be available to members on the ASURA web site.  Anyone interested in working on Prime Times should contact Jeannette Robson. 



Preparation is underway for the Twelfth Annual Emeritus College Symposium titled "Arts in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) World" will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 at the Carson Ballroom, Old Main, ASU Tempe Campus.  The Senate report indicated that twelve of the past senate presidents had a lunch meeting and the two longest tenures at ASU were Mort Munk and Carleton Moore. The goal of this group is to utilize the group's experience when unique issues arise. The Video History Group met to discuss and better understand meta data issues. It was agreed that all interviews should have a short abstract and a table of contents which would have time markers indicating where in the interview the item could be found. John McIntosh and Dave Scheatzle visited the ASUSRA iMAC 2013 computer at the Apple sick bay in the Computer Commons Building. Dave plans to pick up the repaired computer which has a new hard drive with operating system. After that machine is up and running, the MAC 2011 should be taken in for repairs. Events Committee Coordinator, Barry McNeill, has prepared training materials for the creation of free events on Wild Apricot. Barry is hopeful of getting a crew who can handle ASUSRA events on Wild Apricot. Bonnie Scheall, Luncheons and Special Events chair mentioned that the December 14, Holiday Potluck is progressing well.  No confirmed number of attendees yet, but attendance could reach 60. Bev Buddee (Seminar Committee) announced that the October 26, 2017 seminar on healthcare, which was filled to capacity, went well. The next seminar is entitled Stress Reduction/Changing is set for Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 10:00 - noon at the Community Services Building, Room 330.  Dick Jacob provided a report of the ASRS Board of Trustees Meeting of 17 October, 2017. No new policy legislative initiatives were offered at this meeting. Connie McNeill (Web Site and Database Committee) reported that a newly-retired member of ASURA, Jill Massara, has volunteered to help ASURA members with home computer and smartphone setup. She will charge a nominal hourly rate for her services.  Another member, Rick Wall, has a business in computer support. He will also go to people's homes to provide assistance. Rick charges less than most businesses, but his rate is not a "volunteer" rate. Permission was asked to advertise in Prime Times about Jill's offer. The Board agreed that an article about this would be appropriate.



The Board accepted the Treasurer's report and approved the budget. The Video History group continues to work on the meta data issues. The Events Committee Coordinator now has assistance uploading events on Wild Apricot. The Luncheons and Special Events Committee is  completing preparations for the Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale.  Registrations exceed last year's event registrations. The Committee is beginning planning for a Spring event. The January Seminar is up on the ASURA website and registration has begun. The Finance Committee spoke to the annual review and the ASURA Financial Health Analysis Review, which was accepted with modification by the Board.  January 19 is the deadline for submission of articles for the next issue of Prime Times.



 The Board approved the Finance Committee Report with a modification. The Adopt-A-Family Committee reported on the 2 families assisted in December. The Luncheon and Special Events Committee reported on the success of the Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale and that preparations have begun for a spring luncheon. The Seminar Committee reported that the first of the Spring seminars is scheduled for this week, approximately 20 individuals are registered. The Travel Committee advised the Board that 10 ASU travelers will be leaving for South America in March.  The Committee also reported on future local and international trips that are under consideration. The Book Collection Sub-Committee reported that proceeds from recent book sales have exceeded $100.  There have been several large book donations recently that are awaiting disposition. The Government Liaison reported that the 2018 Legislative Session opened with Governor Ducey giving his State-of-the-State address. There has been a good response to an E-News article requesting members update their personal information. Membership numbers are holding steady; they still reflect the new process. January 19 is the deadline for articles to be submitted to Prime Times for the Spring edition. The date, time, and location was confirmed for the 2018 ASURA Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee will be meeting to identify 5 potential candidates for 3 Board openings for the next term.  Ballots will be sent to the membership early in March.



 The Financial Report was approved as presented. The Scholarship Committee confirmed that this year's recipient would speak at the ASURA Annual Meeting in April. The Luncheon and Special Events Committee confirmed date, location and speaker for the spring Luncheon. The Seminar Committee reported that the Fraud and Scam seminar will take place on Thursday, 2/15. A large turnout is expected. The Committee is working on the March and April seminars. The Travel Committee reported the South American trip leaves March 4; only 1 tour of Tovrea Castle is planned. Participants will be selected via a lottery. A local April event is in the planning stages as is a September 2018 trip to the Far East. The legislative liaison reported several bills of interest passing through the legislature. Current membership is at 701 members. The arrangements for the Annual Meeting are being finalized. Elections for the slate of new Board members continues through February 28. All annual report articles are due to Barry McNeill by March 31.



 The Financial Report was approved as presented. The Adopt-A-Family Committee is in need of a new chairperson. The Scholarship Committee reported that the current scholarship recipient will attend and speak at the Annual Meeting. ASURA will reimburse travel expenses incurred in her travel to Phoenix.  The Video History Project has purchased a new iMac computer and is working on metadata issues. The Committee is also working on a slate of new interview candidates, include the list of Regents Professors. The Luncheons and Special Events Committee is looking for a co-chair; the spring luncheon is confirmed for March 20 at Shalimar Country Club. The Seminar Committee has 2 seminars left for this spring; March 15 is the Emergency Preparedness Seminar, followed on April 15 by the Caregivers Seminar. The Travel Committee reported that the lottery drawing for the Tovrea Castle tour will happen soon, followed by electronic notification to winners and losers. Details of the Tortilla Flats and Canyon Lake Boat Tour are still being ironed out. The legislative liaison reported on President Crow's Community Conversation event and updated the Board on 2 legislative bills of interest. Details of the Annual Meeting were confirmed. The Board voted unanimously to confirm the election of new Board members Jean Duncan, Jeff Chapman, Jo Faldtz, Jo Madonna, and Jan Thompson. The Board was advised of the resignation of Board member Betty Landon. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Barry McNeill to fill the 2 years remaining on her term.  Barry will serve until the end of the term in 2020

04-24-2018The meeting was formally opened by President Meeks who welcomed guests.  She also recognized and thanked the Board members, committee and sub-committee chairs and the office staff volunteers.  President Meeks then introduced the 3 speakers:  Nancy White from the Desert Botanical Gardens, Kaela Saenz Oriti Hoskings from the Phoenix Art Museum and Will Russell from the Arizona Site Stewards Program. Each speaker gave a very informative presentation for their area.  Joy Shearman, Scholarship Committee Chair, thanked the organization for making the scholarship possible.  She then introduced Stephanie Watson, the recipient of this year's scholarship.  Stephanie thanked the organization and spoke about her background and future plans.  She indicated that she was accepted into the ASU College of Law.  President Meeks then thanked the outgoing Board members and welcomed the new Board members along with the new President, Tara Fuchs Roesler.  President Roesler thanked outgoing President Meeks for her work over tha past 2 years.  She then introduced the new Executive committee.  President Roesler gave a brief overview of the upcoming year in her closing remarks.