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 The Scholarship Committee reported that Marcene Hoover-Bennett has been selected as the 2016-2017 scholarship recipient.  Marcene is a Native American working toward a BS in Communication.  The Scholarship Committee asked the Board to consider a one-time appeal for donations to the Scholarship Fund with all proceeds of the appeal being applied to the Scholarship Expense Account rather than the endowment fund.  The Video History Committee continues uploading files to the ASU Library Archives; 2 new interviews are scheduled and the Committee is working on scheduling others for the next AY.   The Luncheon and Special Events Committee reported that the Spring Luncheon and Annual Meetings were great successes with $84 income generated from the luncheon.  The Travel Committee will be meeting over the summer to plan future travel events.  A travel survey will be forthcoming to the membership in the next few weeks.  The Government Liaisons for ASRS and the Legislature are co-authoring an article for the next Prime Times.  No significant legislation affecting the Universities passed this legislative session.  There are several bills that will be followed next session.  A state budget favorable to education has passed and been signed by the Governor.  A new ASRS Health Insurance liaison was appointed.  A call was put out for articles to be included in the next issue of E-News.  Membership growth is fairly flat, but the notice for membership renewals will be going out in mid-May.  The Board discussed current methods used by ASURA in reaching new retirees and ways that communication can be enhanced.  The Prime Times deadline for article submission for the Summer 2016 issue is May 30.  A location for the next Annual Meeting is being researched.  The new Vice President was introduced.  Planning for the Fall Meet and Greet luncheon is underway.  ASURA summer office hours were announced to the Board. 



 The meeting was called to order at 10:01 AM by President Barbara White. After self-introductions of the Board members, President White announced that she was stepping down from the Presidency due to an impending move to North Carolina.  Vice President Jeri Meeks will assume the ASURA Board Presidency effective end of day, September 14, 2016. The Video History Committee continues editing and uploading interviews to the Library archives. They are moving to new editing software, Adobe Premiere, which offers increased accessibility and flexibility.  They are looking for additional volunteers to assist with the editing. The Events Committee Coordinator regularly receives and submits East Valley activities lists for inclusion in the ASURA E-News and on the ASURA website. The Luncheons and Special Events Committee reported a good response to the impending New Members Meet and Greet Pizza Party. The Fall Luncheon, featuring guest speaker Pat McMahon, is scheduled for October 11 at Karsten Golf Course. The Seminars Committee reported that the pre-Meet and Greet seminar was staffed. The October 20 Open Enrollment Health Care Seminar was still in the planning stages. The location is confirmed at the Tempe History Museum. The Travel Committee is offering the Spirit of Phoenix Chorus Christmas Show in December, the Rhythm Cats Golden Rock N Roll Show on November 29, an overnight trip to Southern Arizona sometime in the Spring, 2017, and international trip to the British Isles in September, 2017, and is planning another international trip to South America in probably early 2018. The ASRS Government Liaizon reported that ASRS open enrollment will be "passive" again this year - no changes, no action required. ASRS will also be rolling out additional insurance options for non-Medicare members. The Legislative Liaison is waiting on ABOR to roll out their 2017 legislative agenda. E-News scheduled to go out mid-month. The Membership Committee approved release of next membership renewal reminder email. Following discussion regarding increasing ASURA membership, the Board unanimously passed the following motion: Effective January 1, 2017, all ASU retirees will automatically receive a free one-year introductory membersip in the Arizona State University Retirees Association, with a welcome email containing necessary information, with the option to opt out of the membership.  All articles for inclusion in Prime Times need to be submitted by September 23rd. With Board approval, an article on the ASU United Way Campaign will be included. Candidates to fill the empty Board position need to be identified and contacted before the October Board meeting. Board members were asked to consider filling the empty Vice Presidency position. NEW BUSINESS: 1) A proposal was made for the creation of a Health Information Committee, a sub-committee of the Membership Committee, whose mission would be to identify and disseminate information on health matters and health insurance via Prime Times and a webpage within the ASURA website. A motion was made to explore the possibility of creating this committee when a viable candidate willing to staff the committee has been found. 2) A proposed ASURA Policy on Business Advertising was presented to the Board.  Following discussion, the proposal was tabled.



 The Scholarship Committee asked if any monies would be allocated for a sholarship in 2017-2018.  The Finance Committee will review the request and report back next month. Luncheons and Sepcial Events Committee reported the Fall Luncheon was a success and made a small profit. The Seminar Committee reported that the focus of the spring seminars is health care and will feature topics of: Physical Therapy and Nutrition; Hearing; Financial Planning and Pitfalls of Surgery and Rehab; and Senior Living.  The next Pre-Retirement Seminar will be in December.  The Board was encouraged to help work the event. The Travel Committee has a dinner/musicale event planned for November. Trips in the planning stages include the British Isles, an overnight trip to Southern Arizona, and Cuba.  Third quarter profits from book sales totaled $304.35.  The Government Liaison Council informed the Board of various items the Arizona Board of Regents may bring to the Legislature this year.  The Health Insurance Liaison Council reported no change in ADOA insurance offerings this open enrollment period.  ASRS has added a host of medical insurance choices for non-Medicare eligible retirees this open enrollment period.  The Membership Committee reported membership numbers were down slightly from last year.  January 20, 2017 is the deadline for submission of articles for the Spring 2017 issue of Prime Times.



The Luncheons and Special Events Committee reported that the Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale is scheduled for December 16. The Seminars Committee reported that there was positive feedback from the 62 attendees at the October Open Enrollment and Health Care Seminar. There are 4 seminars planned for Spring 2017 with an emphasis on health related issues. The Travel Committee reported that the Rhythm Cats Dinner Show is scheduled on November 29; the "A Phoenician Christmas" music event is planned for December 3; another Tovrea Castle tour is scheduled for April 1, followed by an overnight trip to Karchner Caverns in mid-April. A trip to the British Isles is scheduled for September 2017. The Government Legislative Liaison reported that the Tri-University meeting will be held at the Decision Theatre at the Downtown Phoenix Campus on November 21. The Health Insurance Liaison Council reported that open enrollment ends on November 11. E-News is seeking electronic links to health related articles. The Membership Committee reported that numbers are down by 5 over last year at this time. The distribution of faculty and staff have remained fairly constant. Tara Roesler was appointed to fill the Vice Presidency vacancy. The formation of the Health Information Committee continues to be on hold while the search for a person to chair this committee continues. The proposed ASURA Policy on Business Advertising was again discussed. A set of guidelines are to be written and presented at the December Board Meeting for additional consideration. A motion was made and unanimously passed to re-word the Automatic Membership Motion originally passed at the 14 September 2016 Board Meeting. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 14 December 2016 in CSB 203.



The Events Committee attended the Staff Appreciation Event at the Polytechnic campus. Only a few people stopped by the ASURA table to ask for information. Luncheons and special Events Committee noted the ASURA Holiday Luncheon and Bake Sale will be held in CSB 330 this week.  40+ people are registered. Seminars Committee reported no changes in the Spring lineup of seminars. A pre-retirement seminar was held recently. The next seminar is scheduled for March, 2017. Travel Committee has short trip planned for Southern Arizona in April, 2017; the trip in September, 2017, to the British Isles, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland is taking reservations. The Finance Committee met and reviewed FY2017 year-end financial report.  The Committee made 4 recommendations to the Board which were passed unanimously. Proceeds from the latest book sales totaled $586.58. The Government Liaison Council reported on a recent meeting with ASRS External Affairs Committee. The Health Insurance Liaison reported on a meeting hosted by Arizona Education Association. E-News is seeking articles for January issue. Membership Committee informed the Board that the Association is holding its own. Prime Times will be sending out a reminder to those who owe an article. Nominating Committee is seeking volunteers to staff. Committee will meet in January, 2017. The Guidelines of the Policy on Business Advertising was presented and approved unanimously by the Board.  Speakers for the Annual Board Meeting, scheduled for April 1, 2017, have been identified. The Board discussed moving the monthly Board Meeting days from the 2nd Wednesday to the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May.  The motion was tabled until January pending room availability.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:46 AM.



  The Adopt-A-Family Committee has identified a local Tempe family and an ASU family to support this year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries have been made to the families with funds left for the final deliveries at Easter time. The Scholarship Committee has begun advertising for the 2018 $5,000 scholarship. ASURA had a table at the Downtown Phoenix Staff Barbeque. The Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale had 43 attendees and raised $163.00. The Seminar Committee reported that there are 24 registrants for the January Seminar on Nutrition and Physical Therapy.  The Travel Committee updated the Board on upcoming travel opportunities both home and abroad. The Legislative Liaison reported on the ASU Legislative Breakfast held 10 January 2017 and gave an overview of budget priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  The Board was encouraged to read the E-News article about the upcoming ASU Outlook changes. The Membership Committee reported no significant changes in membership numbers.  The Spring edition of Prime Times will be out shortly. Changes to the database and letters for automatic membership are currently under review.  The conversion of the system should be completed soon.  Nominating Committee is seeking nominations. Ideal candidates should have strong accounting, editing and writing skills.  The Board unanimously voted to appoint Connie McNeill to fill the Board vacancy created by the resignation of Barbara White with a 04/2018 expiration date.  The Board unanimously voted to approve the motion to move the ASURA Board of Directors meetings from the 2nd Wednesday of each month, September through May, to the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May, beginning February, 2017.  The Board also unanimously passed a motion to reinstate Tony Brazel to fulfill his original Board term with an expiration date of 04/2019. Article V; C. Term: Paragraph 3 of the ASURA Bylaws which speaks to the term of office of President in light of a resignation was brought to the attention of the Board.  Per the Bylaws, President Meeks will serve as President this year, having assumed the position when President White resigned, and will also serve as President an additional year as well. Vice President Roesler will continue as Vice President for the same period of time.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 February, 2017, in CSB 203.



 The Events Committee reported that ASURA will staff a table at both the Tempe and West campus Staff Appreciation Barbeques.  Planning has begun on the Spring Luncheon.  The February 9th seminar on "Living Well with Hearing Loss" was well attended. The next Spring seminar is scheduled for Thursday, March 9th, and will focus on Medicare and supplemental insurance intricacies. The Travel Committee is working out the details for the Wrigley Mansion trip.  The ASURA President and Vice President have registered with the state as lobbyists which enables them to more fully participate at legislative meetings.  Membership has increased in the 4th quarter, due in large part to the new introductory membership program. The Web Site and Database Committee reported that the automatic membership enrollment process has been completed. The Nominating Committee reported it is still seeking 2 additional candidates for the upcoming Board elections. The process has begun for the compilation of the 2016-2017 Annual Report.



 The Luncheon Committee reported the spring Luncheon is scheduled for April 26. Marshall Trimble is the guest speaker. The Seminar Committee has its final seminar scheduled for April 6. The topic is "Senior Living Options". The Travel Committee reported the cancellation of 2 spring events - the Wrigley Mansion tour and the Southern Arizona tour; all spaces are filled for the British Isles trip; and planning has begun for the March, 2018, South America trip. The Book Collection subcommittee reported revenue of $220.16 for the 4th quarter. The ASRS General Liaison reported that ASRS is investigating additional measures to detect fraudulent claims. The Health Insurance Liaisons noted that health insurance contracts will be going out for bid at the end of next year. The Membership Committee reported an increase in membership due to the introductory free membership.  Discussion ensued regarding accurate data reporting.  The Nominating Committee announced new Board members Betty Landon, William Moor, Kathleen Renshaw, Patricia Schneider, and Don Nilsen.  The Board unanimously approved the new slate of officers for the 2017-2018 year: Jeri Meeks, President; Tara Roesler, Vice President; William Moor, Treasurer; and Betty Landon, Secretary.



The meeting was formally opened and guests were welcomed by President Meeks.  The Board, Committee Chairs, office staff, and the many volunteers were thanked for their work this past year. Guest speakers Mr. Randy Levin, University Realty, LLC and Mr. Paul Riepma, Pacific Retirement Services, talked about the new urban retirement community called Mirabella at ASU. This continum care retirement community partners with ASU to offer a more robust retirement experience. The current ASURA Scholarship recipient spoke of her background, goals, and gratefulness for the financial assistance. Clips from Video History Projet interviews featured Herman Frazier, Gary Kleeman, Morton Monk, and Mary Rothschild. New Board members and the 2017-2018 Executive Board were introduced. The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.