Meeting DateMajor Topics
05/13/2015 The Scholarship Committee reported that this year’s scholarship has been awarded.  Discussion ensued regarding future funding of the scholarship.  ASURA is committed to funding the scholarship for the next year, and if there is any need to adjust the amount thereafter, this issue will be brought before the board.  An article on the scholarship recipient and process was requested for publication in Prime Times.  The Video History Project continues with one additional interview to take place this year; files will be edited this summer.  The recording studio is being upgraded to LED lights.  The Seminars Committee is now planning the seminars for next year; the Health Care Seminar is scheduled for October.  The Travel Committee has several trips planned for next year. It was noted that if a travel group does not fill with Association members, others are welcome to join to the trip.  The Legislative Liaison Committee will be closely monitoring the state retirement system and health benefits.  ASRS is negotiating a new Dental package.  No serious changes reported regarding membership.  25 May is the deadline for the summer Prime Times.  Following a review of proposed Outreach and Branding items and subsequent discussion, the board approved a purchase of several items.  ASURA Fall events are in the planning stage.  The process for identifying a vice president continues.
09/09/2015 The Scholarship Committee shared a letter from this year’s scholarship recipient, Kazuko Niimi, expressing her gratitude.  Funding is assured for the following year’s scholarship and advertising for candidates will soon begin.   The Video History Project has completed 113 interviews with another interview scheduled for September.  Work continues to move the interview files to the ASU Library Archives.  The Health Care Seminar will run on October 22 at Tempe Historical Museum with speakers from AZ AARP, ASRS and ADOA.  Several other seminars are scheduled throughout the year.  The Travel Committee has 4 trips planned for the year.  The trips are posted on the ASURA Events webpage.  The Legislative Liaison Committee continues to monitor the state retirement system and health benefits, noting the negotiation of a new Dental package.  Membership numbers are down but expected to rise by the end of the year with spring retirements.  14 September is the deadline for the fall Prime Times.  The Outreach and Branding items have arrived and are available for use at events.  Barbara White was introduced as the new Vice President; Jeri Meeks will become a lobbyist representing ASURA.
10/14/2015  ASURA legislative liaisons will closely watch pending legislation SB1379 and will keep the Board apprised of action. Approval of the September Board Meeting Minutes was moved to the December Board meeting.  Treasurer noted cash reserves diminishing and the need to increase income to cover expenses. Report on Cash Reserve Analysis to be made at December meeting.  ASURA will host the Tri-University meeting in November at the Memorial Union. University Club, which had lost this bid, requested the opportunity to bid future events.  The Scholarship Committee has posted the information for the 2016-2017 ASURA Scholarship on the web.  The Video History Project continues to move files to the ASU Library archives.  The September Meet and Greet was a success.  Many attendees at the Pre-Retirement Seminar expressed interest in ASURA.  Fall luncheon scheduled for 13 Nov. at Shalimar Golf Club at cost of $22pp. Events Committee reported Health Care Seminar on track for Oct. 22 with 4 additional seminars scheduled for Spring 2016.  Travel Committee reported that the Dolly Steamboat trip at Canyon Lake was cancelled due to lack of participation. The holiday program is scheduled for 05 December at Mesa Skyline High School.  Additional trips are posted on ASURA Events webpage.  The Legislative Liaisons will work on an article regarding updates on legislative bills and related meetings for Prime Times.  Health benefits open enrollment begins soon.  Membership Committee reported a slight increase in membership.  November 18 is the deadline for submission of articles to Prime Times.  ASURA successfully participated in Faculty/Staff Fairs at multiple campuses. President sought suggestions for guest speaker at the annual meeting in April.  Jo Madonna expressed the need for 2 additional topics for the ENews blast to members.  Next meeting scheduled for 09 December 2015.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:26 a.m.
November No meeting



Guest speaker Kevin Salcido, Vice President of HR at ASU, explained the University’s position on proposed legislation that would change the benefits package offered to current and future ASU faculty and staff employees.  The Board Meeting Minutes for the 09 September 2015 and 14 October 2015 meetings were approved.  The University Liaison gave a report on the Arizona Board of Regents Proposed State investment Model and FY 2017 Budget Proposal.  Two families have been selected for participation in the Adopt-A-Family Program.  The first is the family of an ASU student, a returning service man, his wife and two children.  The second family, identified through Tempe Community Services, includes a husband, wife, and 5 boys.   The Committee Chair reported that she had received an outside donation of $115 to add to the $1,000 ASURA budget for the program.  The Scholarship Committee reported that the 2016 ASURA Scholarship is being advertised.  The Video History Committee reported that 46 interviews have been uploaded to the ASU Library Archives and are available for viewing by anyone with an ASU account.  The Events Committee reminded Board Members to sign up for the 2015 Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale if they have not already done so.  Space is limited.   Four seminars are scheduled in the spring: January 14, 2016, is the Volunteer Fair, January 28 is the Sleep Seminar, and 2 additional seminars are scheduled in February and March respectively.  The Finance Committee met with Jerry Snyder in early November, the results of that meeting will be brought to the Board at the January 11, 2016, meeting.  The 53rd Legislative Session begins January 11, 2016.  The Government Liaison Committee will keep the Board updated on specific legislation as it comes up.  The Government Liaison Council has also initiated a working group of Government Liaisons from different retiree associations – NAU, UA, Arizona Education Association, and the City of Mesa with the goal of keeping all updated on issues as they move through the upcoming legislative session.  Several names were suggested for speaker at the 2016 Annual Meeting.  The President was urged to follow up on an invitation to Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and Executive Director of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.  There was discussion about partnering with the ASU Alumni Association in the promotion of events.  An invitation will be extended to the Alumni Association to send a representative to the January ASURA Board Meeting.  President Fordemwalt was also asked to extend an invitation for a representative of the Arizona State Retirees System to speak to the Board at a future meeting regarding the effect the change in the University’s benefits package would have on ASRS and its members.  A Nominating Committee will be formed in January and names of potential board members are being sought by Past-President Jo Madonna to fill upcoming ASURA Board vacancies.



The Scholarship Committee is in the process of receiving applications for the 2016 ASURA Scholarship. The Video History Committee meets shortly to identify additional potential interviewees. Interviews will continue as appointments are scheduled. Almost 80 video interviews are now on the ASURA website for review; files continue to be added to the Library archives.  A profit of $164 resulted from the bake sale at the December Holiday Potluck and Bake Sale.  The Luncheon and Special Events Committee was asked to plan the Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 16 in the Memorial Union on the Tempe Campus.  The event start time was moved to 11:30 a.m., pending room availability; Dr.  M. Zuhdi Jasser was confirmed as the keynote speaker. The Seminars Committee reported that the Volunteer Fair had been cancelled due to lack of interest, 3 additional seminars are scheduled for Spring 2016. The Travel Committee has several outings scheduled.  Event and registration information for upcoming seminars and travel is on the ASURA website.  The Finance Committee reported that declining revenues required the reduction in expenses for financial stability. After considerable discussion, the Board voted unanimously to suspend the ASURA Scholarship of $10,000 for FY2017 until such time as adequate cash reserves are available.  A book sales profit of $611.98 for the final three months of 2016 was reported.  The Legislative Liaisons reported that the current legislative session reconvened this week, 2 Bills bear watching: HB2072 about firearms on university and college campuses and SB1031 about voting on campuses. Future reports will be forthcoming pending action by the Legislature. The Nominating Committee is working to secure candidates. Voting will begin in early February; successful candidates will be presented to the Board at the Annual Meeting in April.  A separate Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will not be held this year.  Volunteers will be recognized at the Annual Meeting.



Guest speaker Patrick Klein, Assistant Director, External Affairs, Arizona State Retirement System, spoke to the Board about the ramifications of the Universities removing themselves from state oversight should they move to a more entrepreneurial model. The Video History Committee has identified additional potential candidates and is in the process of scheduling interviews.  The Spring Luncheon will be held at the Karsten Golf Club.  The Sleep Seminar was a great success; the Write A Will Workshop, scheduled for February 18, is at near capacity now.  The Scamming Seminar is on track for March 17.  The Seminar Committee was instructed to look into the Tempe History Museum as a viable venue for next year’s seminars as it has a greater capacity.  Six ASURA members will be participating in the Cuba trip in March; the Tovrea Castle tour is scheduled for April 1.  The two sessions are expected to fill very quickly. The ASURA Legislative Liaisons are closely monitoring House and Senate bills for any movement of the ABOR Entrepreneurial Strategic Initiative and any other legislation that affects the Universities.  The Board was invited to participate in the ASU Day at the Legislature event on February 18 at the State Capitol.  The Chair of the Prime Times Subcommittee is resigning; Jeannette Robson has agreed to fill the vacancy until she can find a replacement for herself.  Ruth Kingsley’s resignation from the Board was accepted, Barry McNeill was unanimously nominated to fill the remainder of the term.   Yearend Committee Reports are due to the President by 09 March 2016.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:43 A.M.




The Scholarship Committee is in the process of reviewing scholarship applications for the AY 2017.  The Committee will be informed shortly that AY 2017 will be the final scholarship awarded until the finances improve. The Spring Luncheon will be held on March 28 at Karsten's. Dr. Randy Cerveny is the guest speaker. The Seminar Committee reported that the seminar on Wills, Trusts, and Estates was a success.  The final spring Seminar, Scamming Schemes, will be held March 17. The Committee Chair reported that she had booked a room at the Tempe History Museum for the Fall Health Care Seminar. The Travel Committee reported that the Tovrea Castle tours had filled to capacity within 5 minutes of the registration opening.  Wait lists had been started for both tours. The new ASU law college building, scheduled for a grand opening in August, is open for tours.  Tour reservations can be made online through the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law website.  Revenue from book collections for the final quarter of 2015 totaled $163.66.  The Legislative Liaison updated the Board on several legislative bills affecting the Universities.  The updated on the ASURA website has been completed.  The Nominating Committee reported the Board Election results. New Board Members are: Anthony Brazel, Jay Q. Butler, Jeri Meeks, Tara Fuchs Roesler, and David Schwalm. New ASURA member blast emails guidelines were approved by the Board.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 A.M.



President Jim Fordemwalt opened the formal meeting by welcoming everyone and recognizing and thanking Board officers and members, committee chairs, and the many volunteers who support the Association and carry out its functions.  The annual Scholarship Awardee, Kazuko Niimi, a junior in the School of Engineering of Matter, Transport & Energy, thanked the Association for providing the scholarship and discussed her background and her career aspirations in chemical engineering.  Davd Scheatzle updated the group on the Video History Project and showed clips of interviews.  Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, discussed the ideologies of Islam and the differences between Islam and Islamism (radicalized Islam).  He then spoke to the threat of terrorism, the American response to radical Islam, and potential solutions.   Jim turned the meeting over to Barbara White, the incoming President of the Association, who introduced the new Board officers and members and continuing members.  Barbara remarked on issues to be addressed in the coming year and concluded the meeting by thanking the speaker and audience for their participation.