Meeting DateMajor Topics
May  There was no meeting in May 2014.



Connie McNeill presented the Financial Report and informed the Board that the Finance Committee will bring recommendations regarding Association finances to the October meeting. Ex-Officio reports included the Alumni Association, the Emeritus College, University Club, and the office of Public Affairs.  Events and Committee reports included the Video History Project and upcoming luncheons and special events.  A motion passed to “retire” Retirees Day and continue the seminars in other contexts.  The Board discussed the handling of excess funds from travel events and determined that the current policy would be followed: surplus funds will not be earmarked, but any shortfalls in travel activities will be covered from general funds.  The annual Golf Tournament is being discontinued as participation has declined significantly.  Health Insurance benefits and rates will remain the same in the coming year.  Association membership has declined 15% this year, but participation in activities remains strong.  Hal White offered insights into Board responsibilities and Jo Madonna indicated that this topic will be combined with the Survey discussion at the next meeting.



Connie McNeill reported that the Finance Committee is recommending that the Association not spend the cash reserve this year as there is some concern about the long-term financial health of the organization.  Elmer Gooding noted two upcoming events at the Emeritus College, and David Scheatzle reported that video history interviews will be placed in digital archives with the ASU Library rather than on CDs.  Recent events included a well-attended meet-and-greet pizza party and the year-opening seminar.  The Travel Committee has planned several trips for the upcoming year.  Discussions included the Association’s changing role in Advocacy, re-enrollment processes for health insurance, and declining membership, which is affecting the Association’s finances.  This last issue was addressed more fully in Barry McNeill’s discussion of the Membership Survey results.  Larry Carlson was approved as a new Board member.



Connie McNeill presented the Financial Report and indicated that the Committee did not identify any significant issues at this time.  Jim Fordemwalt reported that declining membership is a concert for the University Club.  Barbara Shaw-Snyder updated the Board on organization changes to Public Affairs at ASU; ASURA now reports to Jim Obrien in the President’s Office.  An ASU family has been identified for the Adopt-a-Family program.  Video history interviews are being scheduled for the coming year.  The two seminars on health insurance were well-attended.  Upcoming travel events include a trip to the Musical Instrument Museum and to the Spirit of Christmas concert on 6 December.  Book sales continue to generate revenue for the Association.  The book collection activity is being separated from the Finance Committee in the future.  Connie McNeill reported that the Finance Committee determined it was not feasible to invest in quasi-endowment funds.  They also determined that life-time memberships present accounting and financial issues for the Association.  ASURA membership and revenues have been declining and the Association needs to consider ways to establish equilibrium between revenues and expenditures.  Joyce Hartman Diaz reviewed Healthcare costs and procedures. Jo Madonna reported that ASURA membership has declined from last year, and the results of the Membership Survey as a guide to improving the attractiveness of ASURA to retirees.  Discussion continued on the advisability of Board members assuming other leadership roles and on increasing membership.  
12/10/2014 The Finance Committee conducted the annual review of the Association’s expenditures and found that the revenues and expenditures were reasonable and consistent with the budget and in agreement with applicable ASU Foundation records.  A discussion of ASURA Advocacy identified areas for action; attendees were asked to prioritize five of the items for advocacy.  Connie McNeill reported that a parking pass is available to ASURA members at a cost of $280.  Ex Officio reports indicated that the Emeritus College is conducting a search for a Dean and that ASU anticipates a difficult year for state finances and budgets.  The Announcement for the ASURA Scholarship has been posted; the interview process for Video History has been initiated; attendance at ASURA events has been declining; three seminars have been arranged for the spring; and three travel trips are scheduled in the coming year.  A Governmental Relations Council has been formed.  Deadlines for Prime Times have been moved forward. 



 The Finance Committee reported that the issue of moving book sales receipts to the scholarship account has been resolved.  A discussion of ASURA priorities arising from the Membership Survey focused on computing services.  Ex-Officio reports included a successful annual breakfast with the Legislature, the discontinuation of the Faculty Emeriti Association which preceded the Emeritus College, and upcoming University Staff Council Days occurring at the four ASU campuses.  The deadline for Scholarship applications is approaching; the Video History Project has identified 16 people to be interviewed, attendance at the Holiday Bake Sale has been diminishing and this event will be discontinued, upcoming seminars are scheduled on Volunteerism and Pre-retirement, and three travel trips are scheduled in the coming year.  ASURA representatives attended the ASU Legislative breakfast.  A slate of candidates is being identified for the Board elections.  Annual reports are coming due in early March.



The Board approved Jeannette Robson to fill the vacancy which resulted form Rick Wall’s recent resignation.  The Executive committee decided to send an email to ASURA members with a link to the electronic version of Prime Times to see how people react to the electronic format.  The print version will continue to be distributed as well.  Due to reorganization, ASURA now reports to Human Relations at ASU.  Planning is underway for a Volunteer Luncheon.  A discussion of membership issues produces several ideas about ways to interact with pre-retirees.   The Scholarship Committee reported some difficulty publicizing notices of the scholarship’s availability.  The Video History Project is operating well.  The Legislative Liaison Committee is schedule to attend the ASU Day at the Capitol on 17 February.  ServiceNow, which provides information needed for computing self-support and accepts service requests, should be in place soon for Retirees to use.  



Abby Polito reported on the reduced appropriations to the state universities.  Jo Madonna noted that the Scholarship winner will be at the Annual Meeting to talk about the importance of the scholarship to her.  The Video History project is continuing its schedule of interviews; the seminar on the Brain was fully attended; the trip to the 4 Corners is set for 21 April, with trips to China and Italy in May and June.  ASURA’s finances and membership remain stable.  The Association continues to monitor retirement and health benefits.  Five new Board members have been elected.  A motion passed to research the issue of give-away items to be used at various functions and bring a recommendation to the Board.  



President Jo Madonna opened the formal meeting by welcoming everyone and recognizing and thanking Board officers and members, committee chairs, and the many volunteers who support the Association and carry out its functions.  The annual Scholarship Awardee, Tara Pryts, a senior in the School of Sustainability, thanked the assembly for providing the scholarship and discussed her background and her career in sustainability.  Davd Scheatzle updated the group on the Video History Project and showed clips of interviews.  Ray Anderson, ASU Vide President for University Athletics and Athletic Director, discussed the current state and future direction of ASU Athletics and answered questions from the floor.  Jo Madonna introduced the new Board officers and members and continuing members.  Jim Fordemwalt, the incoming President of the Association, remarked on issues to be addressed in the coming year and concluded the meeting by inviting attendees to visit one another and partake of the refreshments.