Meeting DateMajor Topics
05/08/2013 It was decided that 500 copies of the ASURA History Book, A Second Decade of Success, will be printed.  ASURA will participate in the KAET fundraising activity. Quentin Bogart has been appointed Dean of the Emeritus College. The Scholarship Committee reviewed 23 applicants this year. The recipient is Tomas Espinosa. Krissy Jo Bergan, this year's recipient, is graduating with a degree in Psychology and will be entering graduate school in the Fall. The ASURA website now allows memberships to be paid online.
09/11/2013 Barry Bruns presented the budget for the 2013/14 year and it was approved. Val Peterson, chair of the ASURA History committee, presented the committee’s final report which was accepted, closing the committee. Connie McNeill presented a plan for the distribution of “The Second Decade of Success” which was modified slightly then approved. Barry McNeill presented four strategic goals for the Association and suggested creating surveys to help the Board achieve the goals. The proposal was accepted and survey writing groups were created with the plan to have some questions ready by the October meeting.

The Emeritus College is planning the 8th Annual Symposium for 11/2/13. Topic: Leisure Time. Abby Polito, University Liaison, indicated that Education is expected to be a critical issue in the upcoming Legislative Session. The ASURA Survey Question Groups have begun developing questions. Bill Moor will head the “Super Group” to refine the questions into a survey form. The Friendship Village luncheon is scheduled for Friday, 11/15/13. The committee is also considering a Spring Picnic. The Retirees Day Committee has a large list of activities and are in the process of identifying those to be on the program. $4500 in sponsorships has been received for the upcoming Golf Tournament. ASURA made $242 last quarter from book sales. ASURA will participate in another KAET telethon. 


Barry Bruns reported that there were no specific financial issues to report.  The Board received reports on a successful Emeritus College symposium and the Lion King fundraising event.  Abby Polito sent the Board materials on the ABOR legislative agenda and request for $1 billion in bonding authority to support research at the three universities.  The Board passed a motion to extend eligibility for the ASURA scholarship to all students, including on-line students, who meet the scholarship criteria.  The Video History Committee reported working with the ASU office in charge of institutional history to identify and support student assistants for the Video History Project.  The Board received updates on the luncheon at Friendship Village, the Health Insurance Seminar, travel, the Golf Tournament, book collection, and the KAET fundraising event, and passed a motion to accept the annual review of financial status.  Connie McNeill reviewed the availability of information on the ASURA website and demonstrated changes to the site and ways to access the information.  The ASURA membership survey is on schedule to be administered in January 2014.  Discussion continued regarding volunteerism in the Association.  Ballots for ASURA elections will be ready in January


The survey that will be sent out to members, former members, and retirees who have never joined was addressed: the group tested the draft instruments and provided feedback; and the Board approved including pre-paid postage on the return envelopes to be mailed with the surveys. The Board approved expending funds to purchase a portable wireless receiver and microphones to use for events in CSB 330. Corrine Irvan was made a life member in recognition of her many years of dedicated service to ASURA.


A wireless receiver with microphones has been purchased for use at ASURA events. Plans are being made for a spring wine tasting rather than a fashion show or picnic. Retirees Day registration will open the week of 12 January. Upcoming seminars include one on Living Arrangements for Seniors and a spring session on wellness and fitness. Upcoming travel events include a tour of Chase Field and planned trips to Tovrah Castle and the Verde Canyon railroad. The golf tournament netted $1500-1600. Current introductory ASURA memberships are through June 2015, since we are now in 2014. Surveys to lapsed and never-joined retirees are being distributed. Surveys to members will go out in early February. ASURA will be joining the Association of Retiree Organizations in Education.

The monthly Financial report was accepted.  Liaison reports included Emeritus College, University Senate and Staff Council.  Results of the Member Survey are coming into the ASURA office and additional surveys are being sent out.  Activity and Events reports included updates on scholarship applications and Video History interviews.  Barry McNeill and Jo Madonna represented ASURA at ASU Day at the Capitol.  ASURA volunteers will participate in a KAET fundraising activity and luncheons are scheduled for 15 May and 14 November.  Retirees Day has a small registration thus far and it is likely that the event will be cancelled.  65 people attended the Seminar on Options for Seniors.  22 people have signed up for the trip to Chase Field. The books have been closed on the Golf Tournament, and the event will need a new Chair for 2014.  A motion was passed to make membership renewals received after 1 January to extend through 30 June of the following year.  Connie McNeill reported that ASU is planning to discontinue support for the server on which the ASURA website resides.  Board elections are in progress.  




Barry Bruns presented a report on the Financial Health of the Association. Four motions were approved to establish a definition of Financial Health, to build the scholarship endowment by reinvesting any Scholarship Spending Account funds back into the endowment, and to provide for an annual report to the ASURA Board on the financial health of the Association. Events and Committee reports included activities with Staff Council, KAET fundraising, luncheons, seminars, and a variety of travel activities. The Retirees Day format is being examined with possible collaborations with seminars and luncheon activities. The ADOA healthcare contract is up for bid next year and members are invited to submit suggestions for changes. Connie McNeill is moving the ASURA website to a new server with an outside vendor. Results of the Membership Survey are being tabulated. Ballots for the Board election are being counted.

Financial Committee Report on the Financial Health of ASURA



President Barry McNeill reviewed the Association's accomplishments during the past year and invited attendees and others to read the Annual Report for additional information. He then reported on the Membership Survey. Tomas Espinosa, this year's Scholarship recipient, addressed the group to thank them for their support which is making it possible for him to attend graduate school in Engineering. Dave Scheatzle reported on the Video History Project and demonstrated the website access to the interviews. ASU President Michael Crow discussed the direction and emphasis that ASU is taking in the context of higher education in the U.S. and the university's contributions to society, and followed his remarks with a question and answer period. New Board members and officers were introduced, after which the meeting was adjourned.