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05/09/2012 and


Retirees Day will receive a subsidy of $750 to help keep registration fees down in light of new room rental charges. An Events Calendar for the current year will be printed in every Prime Times issue, where articles highlighting upcoming events will also appear. ASURA will no longer send paper advertisements about upcoming events -- we will rely on e-mail and the Web site along with Prime Times. The annual membership donation will be $30, effective with the 2012-2013 membership year. The Membership Enrollment form will include a line for contributions for printed copies of the 2nd Decade of ASURA's history, which is currently being developed by the History Committee. This ASURA History Committee is authorized to publish a printed version of the 2nd Edition in addition to the on-line version, provided there are sufficient funds from sponsorship and donations to cover the cost of printing. The committee is authorized to solicit sponsorships and donations for this purpose.
09/13/2012 President Moor announced the “Recognition of Past Presidents” awards and unveiled a plaque containing the names of all of the past presidents. Mary Stevens reported that the Finance Committee continued to collect used books and that presently the ASURA office storeroom was filled with books awaiting pickup. Arthur Ashton reported that there will be no new health insurance companies this year and that it was expected there would be no changes in the existing policies. Connie McNeill discussed the new Wild Apricot database and her efforts to integrate it with the Association’s website. Also, she is working on a way to accommodate payment of the annual donation online.
10/10/2012 The second annual ASURA Meet and Greet Event in September was well received and attended by 50 people. Planning is underway for the Retirees Day event, which will be held on February 23, 2013. There have been 3 successful seminars and the upcoming seminar on ASRS and ADOA Insurance Programs already has 30 people registered.
11/13/2012 ASU was the host university for the annual Tri-University Meeting of Retiree’s Associations. Patrick Klein, Assistant Director of External Affairs at the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) was guest speaker.


The Golf Tournament will be held November 12, 2012. We are ready to accept our first on-line registrations for events. The first event that can use this new capability is the Insurance Seminar. Starting January 1, 2013, dues for new ASURA members will be free for the first year -- through June 30 of the next calendar year after they join.


A draft of the corrected/revised ASURA Bylaws developed by the Ad Hoc Committee was presented and approved as amended by discussion and vote. The budget for the Adopt-A-Family was reinstated to $2000/yr. The Golf Tournament netted approximately $2500. 1/3 of the proceeds will be shared with the Winkle Foundation.
01/09/2013 Barry Bruns called attention to a change in the monthly financial report. The account categories for the various special projects are now broken down by project. The ASU Foundation required that this change be made if ASURA wants to continue to have designated areas for donations on the ASURA Annual Membership Enrollment Form. Since allowing individuals to designate where their donations are to be used, the donations have increased.
Video History Project - Twenty-four interview clips are now available on the website. The new
interview room will be tested soon for sound and lighting to determine if it will be suitable for the recording of the interviews. Seven people have taken advantage of the newly approved policy offering a year of free membership for new members.
03/13/2013 30 copies of the book Arizona State University were sold at Retirees Day. Olympus Building Services donated $500 toward the printed publication of the ASURA history book, A Second Decade of Success. Jacob Fuchs, reportedly the longest serving ASU faculty member, will be interviewed by the Video History Committee. There were approximately 90 attendees at Retirees Day. There was a $195.50 profit from the Wild West Day Trip. 
04/20/2013  Annual Meeting - Krissie Jo Bergen was the recipient of the ASURA 2013-14 Scholarship. Dave Scheatzle provided an overview of the work the Video History Committee does. The ASURA History Book, A Second Decade of Success, will contain approximately 200 pages with a great many photos of events and activities from the past 10 years. The 2012-2013 Annual Report was distributed.