Meeting DateMajor Topics
05/11/2011 Discussion of whether to produce a second volume on the history of ASURA - "2nd Ten Years". Dave Schwalm volunteered to help Val prepare a proposal for the Board proposing content, style, and method of development, and estimating the cost.
09/14/2011 A budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 was approved. Sue Blumer announced that Nicholas Smith is the recipient of our 2011-2012 ASU student scholarship.
10/12/2011 Potential State legislation to separate the ASU Poly and ASU West campuses from ASU was discussed. The September "Meet & Greet" will be an annual function. Deadlines for submission of Prime Times articles were provided. It was agreed that we should develop a publicity brochure, and that we should order a table banner for ASURA, and assignments to do this were made.
11/09/2011 Wilma Matthews and Sheila Stokes will follow up with Abigail Polito of ASU's Office of Public Affairs on ASURA participation in ASU Day at the Arizona Legislature. ASURA will take part in a meeting of all ASU retirement groups to be held in January, the purpose of which is to coordinate timing of major events. The Board agreed that invitation lists for events should be tailored to the nature of the particular event. For example, travel and seminars might be events where the list of invitees might include non-ASURA individuals.
12/14/2011 Val Peterson's proposal that the Board create an ASURA History Update Committee, to be chaired by Val, was approved. Also approved was the mission of the committee, which is to produce an update on the history of ASURA and to develop a consistent format and research process for annual updates. A tentative project budget of $500 was approved.
01/11/2012 A survey of members will be conducted to ascertain opinions about legislation that would permit weapons on campus. Sheila Stokes announced her resignation from the Board, effective at the end of the Annual Meeting. The vacancy thus created on the Board will be filled by Barry McNeill. The vacancy created in the position of President for 2012-2013 will be filled by Bill Moor, who is currently Treasurer of ASURA. Gary Anderson reported on early results of a survey of 650 ASURA members on their views on teh Guns on Campus Bill currently being considered in the State Legislature. There will be no golf tournament this year, but every effort will be made to hold it on Veterans' Day next year, and to make it a successful fund raiser.
02/08/2012 Last quarter's used books sale netted $373.60. Mary Stevens will work with ASU's Human Resources to get word of our collection project to those who are planning to retire. Sheila Stokes announced her retirement from the Board and from her position as Vice President effective at the end of the April 21, 2012 Annual Meeting. Barry McNeill was appointed to fill her vacancy on the Board, and Bill Moor was appointed to become President next year in Sheila's stead. Preliminary results of the survey of membership on Guns on Campus legislation currently under consideration in the Arizona Legislature show that members are strongly opposed to this legislation.
03/14/2012 Retirees Day 2012 evaluations were very positive. There was a good return of ballots for the Board elections. The Board accepted a proposal presented by Barry McNeill that each Spring we create an annual calendar of events. New Board members beginning April 2012 are: Elmer Gooding, Richard Kelly, Gary Kleemann, Jo Madonna, and Bill Stasi. Officers for next year are: Bill Moor, President; Barry McNeill, Vice President; Barry Leshowitz, Secretary; Barry Bruns, Treasurer; Dave Schwalm, Past President. 99% of the members who responded to the Guns on Campus Bill strongly opposed it. These results will be publicized. The Finance Committee is being asked to make proposals on how to assure that we can balance our budget five years from now, as we are able to do today.
04/21/2012 The Annual Meeting featured presentations about our Scholarship, Adopt-a-Family, and Video History programs. The 2011-2012 Annual Report was distributed.