Meeting DateMajor Topics
05/12/2010 The Legislature made several changes that affect retirees in the 2010 Regular Session. We will continue to maintain our operating-funds account with the ASU Foundation. Committee chairs for 2010-2011 were approved.
08/17/2010 Special meeting. ASURA will plan a golf tournament to be held in November, with Dave Scheatzle in charge of the planning. Proceeds will be split 50-50 with the Winkles Scholarship Endowment. ASURA's share or proceeds will be used for the Living Video History Project (LVHP, which has first priority) and scholarships. A budget of $11,000 was approved for the LVHP for fiscal year 2010-2011.
09/08/2010 The budget for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 was approved. Plans for the November 11 Golf Tournament have been finalized. Dick Jacob was added to the list of official ASURA lobbyists to Arizona.
10/13/2010 The Finance Committee is investigating the possibility of raising funds through book sales, in cooperation with the Friends of the Phoenix Library. John Campbell of the AEA has raised an alarm about the possibility of legislation's being introduced that would change the State retirement program from its current "defined benefit" to a "defined contribution" program. Use of our listserv will be restricted to ASU and ASURA announcements.
11/10/2010 There will be a members Arts and Crafts show and sale held in connection with the Holiday Pot Luck. ASURA will get 20% of proceeds of the sales. The trip to the Musical Instruments Museum was very well attended. More than 60 people attended the 2 information workshops that ASRS held to help members understand the options available during health insurance open enrollment.
12/08/2010 The Veterans Day Golf Tournament was very enjoyable and netted about $2,000 for ASURA's projects. The notion of a new Seminars Committee was broached, and will be voted on in the January meeting.
01/12/2011 A revised budget was approved. A survey will be used to determine whether we could collect enough books from members to make a book sale an effective fund raiser. Golf tournament net funds will be split between the Video History project and the endowed scholarship fund. Accumulated investment income from the endowed scholarship fund will be reinvested in the endowment. The Board authorized the ASURA lobbyists to lobby against any increase in the freedom of anyone carrying weapons on campus. The new Seminars Committee was officially created and charged.
02/09/2011 We welcomed comments from Barbara Shaw-Snyder, University Liaison, and Gary Grossman, President of the University Senate. The budget was revised again in light of a significant change (for the better) in phone/FAX costs. Official stances supporting HB2574 (ASRS return to work changes) and remaining neutral on the parity of the elected official retirement plan with ASRS were adopted. Initial discussions were held on how to set registration fees for events, and a request for budget support for the upcoming Jam Session was turned down.
03/09/2011 A new fall no-charge "welcome" pizza event was approved. Guidelines for Establishing Event Fees were approved. A revised Membership Enrollment Form was approved.
04/30/2011 New officers and Board Members for 2011-2012 were inducted. Presentations by our Adopt-a-Family Chair, our 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipient, and our Video History Project committee were well received. Copies of the were made available