Board of Directors

Barry Bruns 4/2020 (appointed 10/9/2018 ti fill vacany created by Bill Moor's resignation)
Jane Carey4/2022
Larry Carlson4/2022
Evelyn Cesarotti4/2022
Jeff Chapman4/2021
Carl Cross4/2022
Jean Duncan4/2021
Frank Koonce4/2022
Jo Madonna4/2021
Barry McNeill4/2020 (appointed 3/13/2018 to fill vacancy created by Betty Landon's resignation)
Connie McNeill4/2021 (appointed 3/15/2019 to fill vacancy created by Jo Faldtz's resignation)
Don Nilsen4/2020
Tara Roesler4/2020 (extra year as Past President)
Pat Schneider4/2020
Bill Stasi4/2020 (appointed 10/9/2018 to fill vacancy created by Kathleen Renshaw's resignation)
Jan Thompson4/2021
Ex-officio MembersRepresents
Judith Cato
Human Resources
Carl CrossUniversity Club
Don NilsenEmeritus College
John DavisAlumni Association
Shirley RoseUniversity Senate
Kendra BurtonUniversity Affairs 
 Katie AguilarUniversity Staff Council

ASURA Board members are nominated by a nominating committee or by nominating petitions from members. Members are elected by the membership for a term of three years. Typically five members rotate off the board each year and are replaced by five new members. The Board meets monthly during the academic year. Duties of the Board are prescribed by the ASURA Bylaws.

ASURA Board Meeting, May 15, 2018

Jeff Chapman, Barry McNeill, Gary Anderson, Connie McNeill, Dave Schwalm, Pat Schneider, Joy Shearman, Jan Thompson, Tara Roesler, Jeri Meeks, Jean Duncan, Jo Faldtz, Bonnie Scheall, Jeannette Robson, Tony Brazel, Carl Cross, Jay Butler, John Brock
May 15, 2018