Retiree Parking Permits

Parking Garage

ASURA members are entitled to purchase a retiree/Gold Permit for parking at ASU. The cost is $280 per year. The permit allows parking in Gammage Lot 3, Rural Road, Stadium, Fulton and Packard structures on the Tempe campus; at the NHI Structure and 2nd Avenue Lot Downtown, and all surface permit lots at West campus and Polytechnic campus. To purchase the Gold Permit, contact Parking ServicesOur office staff are happy to confirm membership.

This benefit for ASURA members was approved by the ASU President and Provost in 2011.

For those who have been awarded Emeritus Status: As described in the Academic Affairs Manual, a benefit of Emeritus Status is a "complimentary parking permit available through the Office of the Provost upon recommendation of the department chair." This parking benefit is available to any ASU retiree who has been awarded Emeritus Status. It is not tied to membership in the Emeritus College. However, a staff member of the Emeritus College has been designated by the Office of the Provost to process parking permit requests made by Emeritus faculty on behalf of the Office of the Provost.