Access to ASU Technoloy

Retiree Technology Services QuestionsWhen you retire from ASU you will still be able to use some ASU technology services, such as your ASU Email address, ASU Gmail, and the ASU Help Center.

ASU's services typically depend on licensing and service agreements that ASU has with its suppliers. Generally these are educational agreements that cover current faculty, staff and students, and emeritus/emerita faculty but not non-emeritus retirees. 

If you apply for and receive emeritus faculty status before you retire from ASU, you will retain access to essentially all of your ASU technology services: ASU Dropbox for Education, Microsoft OneDrive, ASU Outlook/Exchange, MyApps, etc.

If you do not have emeritus faculty status at the time of retirement, your access to most services will be discontinued.

But don't panic! There are many options, including free options, that you can use post-retirement. Examples:

Note: Information about ASU licensing for retirees was supplied December 2019 by ASU's Manager Information Technology | Messaging & Collaboration.