2021 Pre-retirement Seminars

Slide from February 2021 Pre-retirement Seminar

ASURA offers seminars for those who are planning to retire from ASU. These are typically held at noon on the ASU campus, and are also offered online using Zoom meeting technology. When given permission, we upload the Zoom version of the seminars to YouTube so that you can watch them whenever and wherever you want. We typically add a link to each seminar's video a few days after it is held.

Seminar List:

06/21/2021 - Avoid the Medicare Confusion - Presentation by Senior Preferred LLC, an Arizona Medicare Brokerage. Here are some printable slides from the presentation.

05/17/2021 - How to Stop Fighting About Money - presenter Emily Schwartz, Financial Education Manager for MidFirst Bank. Learn how to communicate with people who speak a different money language than you do so you'll have fewer financial fights.

04/19/2021 - ASRS Route 3 - Destination in SightPresenters Kathy Palmer and David Kinsella help attendees make informed decisions about the Arizona State Retirement System pension benefit, annuity options, and "Can you afford to retire?" Geared for people within three years of retirement.

03/15/2021 - Understanding Medicare A,B,C, & D

02/15/2021 - Celebrating our Future after ASU - information on choosing health insurance and email service

01/25/2021 - Pandemic Craziness: How to Financially Prepare for the Economic Reopening/Reflation Ahead - presented by Buck Bandura of Matrix Wealth Management. There is no recording of this seminar, per agreement with Mr. Bandura. However, Mr. Bandura has made available the slides he used in his presentation.


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