September 2019 - Meet & Greet Pizza Party

Pizza Line at Meet and Greet

Pizza Line

Small Group Discussion

Joy Shearman, Debra Relf, Judy Sayles, and Evelyn Cesarotti

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The Annual Meet and Greet held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 was attended by approximately 90 individuals. The purpose of this event is to welcome our new and potential new members to the ASU Retirees Association as well as to reconnect with former colleagues and long time friends.

This event was held in the Conference Center at Ability360 on Washington Street in Phoenix, giving us enough space to host this record setting number of attendees.

The first part of the program was the panel discussion of current ASURA members who have been retired for a relatively short time and discussed “Things I Wish I Had Known When I Retired”.  At the conclusion of the panel session, everyone was invited to enjoy hot pizza and cold beverages.

Carl Cross, Vice President of ASURA and filling in for President Jan Thompson, introduced the ASURA Board Members and Committee Chairs. The committees are always looking for additional members to volunteer. Committee chairs had the opportunity to preview events and activities scheduled for the upcoming 2019-20 year.

As the program came to an end – attendees had a chance to mingle with each other and enjoy a cookie or two before leaving.

Story by Jean Duncan

Pictures by Elmer Gooding, Don Nilsen, and Barry McNeill

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