April 2017 - Tovrea Castle Tour

To view more pictures from the tour visit the ASURA Photo Gallery.

After many 'drive-by' sightings!, it was fun to actually experience the Tovrea Castle, and listen to its rather checkered and fascinating history.  A model of the structure is kept in the main exhibition room, as the upper floors are closed to the public. Tours are kept small, since the docents are all volunteers... but often volunteers have a greater passion for their subject than so-called professionals!  Dating from a similarly Depression-clouded time period as the Biltmore Hotel and the Wrigley Mansion, this site, now owned by the City of Phoenix, exhibits an aura of its own, decidedly kitchy, but with some wonderful and whimsical touches, such as the railroad bell used for emergencies.  A special plaster work ceiling in the basement mimics icicles.  We were driven up to the castle in golf carts, with a few stops on the way.  A fun backward look at a very different age in the development of our metropolis, and I'm happy it was saved from the wreching ball!

Story by Ralph Lockwood

Pictures by Ralph Lockwood and John Brock

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