2016 Sleep Seminar

Gathering for Seminar

Gathering for the Seminar

Seminar Presenters

Drs. Matthew P. Buman, Lois E. Krahn, and Megan E. Petrov

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A full house of 54 attendees enjoyed a varied and highly informative session on SLEEP during the January 28, 2016 session of the ASU Retirees Association seminar series.

ASU School of Nutrition & Health Promotion professor, Dr. Matthew Buman, was joined by Professor Megan Petrov from the ASU College of Nursing & Health Innovation, along with Dr. Lois Krahn, M.D. and Professor of Psychiatry, from Mayo Clinic’s Sleep Disorders Center. The trio presented their research findings on sleep.

  • Dr Buman’s talk was titled “Moving your Way to a Good Night’s Rest” and dealt with the “dynamic interplay of sleep, sedentary, and more active behaviors, and how collectively these behaviors may be harnessed for health promotion and disease prevention”. Dr. Buman’s presentation is available, see below.
  • Dr. Krahn’s talk was titled “Disturbed Sleep:  The Role of a Center for Sleep Medicine” and gave a brief history of sleep disorder research and Mayo’s role in diagnosing and treating these disorders.
  • Dr. Petrov’s talk was titled “Poor Sleep and Health Outcomes” and included information on how some of the disorders are treated.

By the end of the seminar the audience members had received information about clinical and public health topics, tips and information about the benefits of healthy sleep cycles, sleep disturbances and inhibitors, and steps we can take to influence and restore healthy sleep patterns, as well as clinical aspects of sleep disorders and potential remedies.

 “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.”  Thomas Dekker

Story by Karen Hammann and Barry McNeill

Pictures by Barry McNeill

Dr. Buman’s Presentation (PDF File)