2014 Health Insurance

Seminar Audience

Seminar Audience

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A record number—just over 100--- ASURA members and guests attended our first-ever DOUBLE seminar event on October 22 and went home armed with information on Medicare, ADOA and ASRS retirement health plans. The annual Health Care-Open Enrollment Seminar was booked to capacity well before the event, with a growing waiting list that couldn’t be accommodated. Fortunately we were able to book our 3 excellent speakers for a second session, offered on the same afternoon, setting a precedent that will likely be followed next year for this popular annual event.

ADOA representative Elizabeth Shaefer, ASRS representative Pat Klein, and independent insurance agent Brian Bilyeu presented a wealth of information on ASU group retirement health plans, on Medicare Parts A-D, and on Medicare supplement and drug plans. Attendees had many of their questions answered and were enthusiastic about the knowledgeable speakers, friendly delivery, and quality of information conveyed.

Story by Jan Thompson, pictures by Gary Kleemann