2013 Rivers of Europe

Castles and Rivers

Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures taken by Dorthy Herzberg

An inquisitive group of ASU Retirees were "launched" on August 3, 2013 on a 16-day tour of the Great Rivers of Europe offered by Grand Circle Cruise Line. Our voyage was on the MS River Adagio, which is ranked as one of the most outstanding ships making their way between Amsterdam and Vienna. Aside from the cruise of a lifetime with gorgeous scenery day after day, there were numerous city tours along the way. We learned a lot as Grand Circle is committed to "Learning & Discovery" on a daily basis. We ate well, we drank beer and wine, we had live entertainment, we shopped and we danced in the streets (or at least some of us did so)! I would do it again in a heartbeat!! 


Barbara Bradford Eschbach, PhD in International Shopping & Shipping